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    John N. Lupia, III, is an appraiser, coin and stamp dealer for many years, APS #220936, ANA #1139579.

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APS #220936, ANA #1139579 

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Close of WWI Military Photograph, Doughboys of Company E, 114th Infantry, 29th Division, May 9, 1919, Camp Dix, Lakehurst, New Jersey

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The owner is an archaeologist, art historian, numismatist, philatelist, antiquary, and bibliophile for over 50 years.  He is also a former professor of art history and archaeology and has published numerous articles in various journals and books for many decades. He also studied museology and worked as an extern in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick, the Jewish Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art and others. Also, he was the principal of one of the largest appraisal firms on the east coast appraising real and personal property for many banks, lawyers, collectors and for the private sector. 

            Estimates of value are sometimes found in lot descriptions.  For reference purposes comparable values are found in the appropriate auction prices realized.  Contact for further information.

            For both the numismatist and philatelist you will be pleased to know that John N. Lupia has amassed an extensive collection of covers and letters to coin and stamp dealers from the 1860's to the late 1940's, comparable to that of the late Steven R. Belasco that was sold by Siegel Auction Galleries. Also he has amassed one of the largest collections known of the Chapman Family Archive, the preeminent coin and stamp dealers from 1875 to the retirement of Helen Chapman and her manager Ella B. Wright in 1948. The massive size of this monumental collection that contains over 28,000 pieces of mail not only rivals that of the great John Friedrich Seybold and to that of the late Steven R. Belasco, Esq., but far exceeds them in size and rightly enjoys a class of distinction all its own.

             For those unfamiliar with the History of Stamp and Coin Dealers Collection by the late Steven R. Belasco you can catch a glimpse of it at the Siegel website

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Rare WWI Photograph of Company E - 114th Infantry Regiment  of the New Jersey Army National Guard.

Beautifully framed. Dimensions : 46"-1/2" x 13"-3/4"

The 114th Infantry was initiated on October 11, 1917, with the establishment previously on July 16, 1917, of Camp Dix, and demobilized May 14, 1919 at Camp Dix, New Jersey. This photograph is the final one of this regiment.

Camp Dix is named after John Adams Dix (1798-1879), a Veteran of the War of 1812, and the Civil War. He also served as a United States Senator, Secretary of the Treasury, and Governor of New York.

First World War, the Great War, or the War to End All Wars, was a global war originating in the Austro-Hungarian Empire with the assassination of Emperor Franz Josef I, that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. 

Condition Very Good-Fine with some cracks since it was rolled up for eighty-four years from 1919 - 2003. The cracks were repaired on the back side with professional quality conservator's photograph repair tape to prevent further cracking or any separation. The front finish side can be repaired and conserved by a professional. Write

Estimate $850 - $1,250

Rare - Limited Regular Edition "Congress Drawn  . . . and Quartered" Political Cartoon Exhibition Portfolio of the Overseas Press Club, New York, May 1, 1985. Signed by Jerry Robinson and numbered 2/500.

Seven covers and five letters of the Slocum family of Troy and Syracuse, New York. Several letters from Hiram Slocum (1829-1904) of Troy, N. Y., to his brother Joseph Slocum (1832-1907), at Syracuse, N. Y., and other business correspondence.  The photographic plate of the Slocum Family 7th Generation is not included in this lot and is here only for research purposes and can be found in a genealogy book published 1908. Estimate $250-$500. Write

Indenture Vellum of the Right Honorable Lady Mary Shipman, Widow, Reign King Charles II, dated December 30, 1678, with Original Wax Seal

An Illustrious American Colonial Family - Descendants of the Signers of the Mayflower Compact. 

Recently matted and framed print made by the Photogravure & Color Company, New York, for the Lincoln Centenary Association, of the original photograph taken November 8, 1863, by photographer Alexander Gardner, made just 11 days prior to the Gettysburg Address. The original photograph is in the Mead Art Museum. Condition : Fair. Estimate $450-$650. Write

Joseph & Hiram Slocum Family Correspondence 1849-1851

Twenty-five 11" X 14" Political Cartoons printed on ecru heavy card stock suitable for framing, or kept in the original navy blue portfolio for viewing as a collection.  The set comes with three additional prints : Exhibition Title Card; and the two chat cards shown above with the Colophon bearing the autograph of internationally renown "Comic Book Hall of Fame" and DC Comic book artist and creator of Batman's Robin and the Joker : Jerry Robinson (1922-2011). These were sold out from their inception and most belong in rare book rooms and in special collections. A rare opportunity to acquire an unobtainable special exhibition, the first ever held by the Overseas Press Club, New York. This particular set of prints is numbered 2 of the 500 issued. Astute collectors vie over the coveted lowest numbers in a series. This is extremely impressive at number 2 and, obviously was formerly owned by the illustrious figure Jerry Robinson in order to have acquired such a low number. Paul Somers calls this portfolio of prints "A treasure for the Rare Book rooms" Paul Somers, Editorial Cartooning and Caricature: A Reference Guide (Greenwood Press, 1998) : 82. Nota Bene : The Illustrations shown above are scans that have cut off portions of each item since the prints are larger than the flatbed. Estimate $900-$1,200 write

Rare - Circa 1908 Lincoln Photograph Print published by the Lincoln Centenary Association, New York.

Seventeenth Century British Wax Seals are quite rare. This one impressed with a Livery, an engraved device or armorial of peerage coat-of-arms. Despite the small chip lacking, this seal is in a remarkable state of preserve. Slight conservation can easily restore it nearly to its original state. Conservation can be supplied on request of purchaser. Estimate $3,500 - $5,000 USD write

* Nationally Important American Aristocratic Family *

Key Family Correspondence and Photographic Archive.

U. S. Postmaster General, Senator and U. S. District Judge David McKendree Key (1824-1900), and his son Commodore Albert Lenoir Key (1860-1950), daughter-in-law Grace Condit Key (1874-1918), and grandson Ambassador David McKendree Key (1900-1988) 

These letters were composed in the estate at Florence, Italy, designed and built by architect Gianlorenzo Bernini. The Barberini were a wealthy family from which sprang Pope Urban VIII, and the Cardinals he made from male heirs. These six documents are significant museum pieces worthy of the finest collections in the world. Write

Superb Calligraphic Vellum - Court of the Common Pleas, Reign King Charles II, dated November 28, 1677, With Original Seal Intact. (Approx. 26" X 17"-1/2", i.e., 66cm X 44cm) With Pendant and Astonishing, Exceptional, and Enormous Wax Seal Medallion. Ex - renown English Art Historian David Summers. Provenance paper included shown below.

Photograph of Commodore Albert Lenoir Key also not included in this group lot. He served under President Teddy Roosevelt. His son David McKendree Key, II, served as a Foreign Aid and U. S. Ambassador under at least six U. S. Presidents from Warren G. Harding to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A unique group of two hundred letters of correspondence of the renown Tennessee family of American politics and history containing a collection of eighteen family photographs and family related newspaper clippings is available for the first time ever to the public at a private sale. Letters range in dates from 1883 to 1941 including letters sent from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, France, Boston, Rockport, Groton, and Chattanooga. Letters discuss Harvard's A. D. Club on club stationery, several discuss Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Prince of Wales, President Herbert Hoover, Pope Pius XII, King Leopold, Sculptor Jean Camus, Lord Sackville, Hindenberg and his first Zeppelin, and other notables. Current Estimate $70,000 - $80,000 USD


Cardinal Barberini Documents, A Collection of Six Postal Letters from Florence, Italy, dated 1690.

Photograph of U. S. Postmaster General (1875-1877), and U. S. District Judge David McKendree Key, not included in this lot sale and is property of the Library of Congress Collection. David M. Key in 1880 was appointed U. S. District Judge by President Rutherford B. Hayes.

A few photographs of a group of over 250 Letters and showing a few family photos and some contents.

Magnificent calligraphy of the Armorial of Charles II, Outside Scotland.

 A Rare Restoration Vellum of the House of Stuart, Charles II (reigned 1660-1685).

Estimate $6,500 - $8,000 USD

1758 Vellum Court Judgement by Chief Justice, John Willes, Reign of King George II (measuring 24" x 34")

An Enormous and Exceptionally Rare Seal of the Court of Common Pleas. This wax seal is quite large measuring 4"-5/8" in diameter, not quite the size of the Royal Seal which is at 6" in diameter. An important specimen of British sigillography. Not even Princeton University's exquisite Collection has a specimen. The seal is a great piece for any Museum, Institution, or eminent private collector of significant British or European medals.

Perfect Masterpiece for any Museum, Private Collection or Institution at a reasonable price.

    Extremely rare exquisite 1758 Medallion Portrait based on the original prototype Baroque Portrait of  King George II painted when he was Prince of Wales  in 1716 by the royal court painter, Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723).

    This extraordinary document is in excellent condition in the equivalent of the British Archaeological descriptive condition of A-Grade. 

    The spectacular artwork of the decorative and ornate frieze with its floral garnished borders, medallions with busts, and geometric embellishments, contains within the continuous frieze in the very first personage on the far left the idealized figure of Britannia, which, numismatists know so well as that engraved and stamped on official coins of the realm. 

    The Judgement regards various tracts of land in the court case heard  at Westminster reviewed before the bench of Judge John Willes (1685-1761), Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, servant of King George II (1685-1760). It is a claim of rights to certain tracts of land by William Crawley against Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton Hall, 4th Baronet, (c. 1727–1812), who was a long-lived Staffordshire landowner and Member of  Parliament from the extended Littleton/Lyttelton family. He represented Staffordshire in the Parliament of Great Britain and the Parliament of the United Kingdom for a total of 28 years. The last of the Littleton Baronets of Pillaton Hall, he transferred the family seat from eponymous Pillaton to Teddesley Hall, and died childless, leaving the estates to his great-nephew, Edward Walhouse, who became Edward Littleton, 1st Baron Hatherton. Starts $7,500 to $15,000 or more. It can be sold with minor conservation work, matted and framed for an additional $2,000 - $3,000. Properly matted and framed this vellum might measure 5' X 4' = 20 square feet. Shipping and Insurance charges would obviously vary depending if purchased framed or unframed. Write

1714 Indenture, Reign of Queen Anne

Within the hollow of the Initial Capital Letter : An Armorial, i.e., Heraldic Crest with royal motto, HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE, encircling the escutcheon, used by the Knights Garter. Red Wax Seal of John Landor, depicting a crane with worm in its beak atop a human child in swaddling. This may have some affinity to the iconography later used by John Chalmers at Maryland. Also, this vellum contains beautifully embossed and perfectly preserved blue and white stamps of Queen Anne affixed.

1785 Letter to John Amory (1728-1803), a Boston Merchant from Edward Dowling at London.

Folded letter. Sent from London, England, was received at the Post Office in New York bearing that very rare postal stamp, which is listed in David C. Phillips, American Stampless Cover Catalog (1997) as type A1valued then at $1,000. In twenty-one years the value has tripled. This is a letter to John Swift, Customs Officer, Philadelphia, bearing Benjamin Franklin's postal mark MA/25, which is March 25, 1767 (New Year's day). This is a very rare and significant piece of Early Colonial American history. $3,500-$4,000 USD.

Spectacular Parchment, Important, Exciting, and Invaluable Colonial Indenture dated 2 April, 1776, Near Mint Condition

Measuring : 26"-1/4" x 17"-3/4"

    An exceptionally rare printed blank indenture form Sold By Thomas Druce, Stationer, Staple Inn Holborn, and At the Corner of Quality Court Chancery Lane, can be seen engraved within a cartouche like compartment in the volute flourish of the initial Capital "T" of This Indenture to which was added the words of three parts by the court scribe on front side of the vellum sheet. Document forms like this were engraved and sold by the Royal Company of Stationers and today are exceptionally rare. Another specimen document form also printed by Thomas Druce but dated to 1775, is in the Beinecke Rare Book Library, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York. 

    Thomas Druce (1734-1816), a law-stationer, designed and printed legal forms such as this Indenture certificate here. He was the son of Alexander Druce (1698-1753), and married Martha Paget in 1760. He was a neighbor on Chancery-lane with banker, Richard Masters. Both men served as jurors in the famous trial of Thomas Harding. Druce was the Foreman of the Jury in the case of Middleton vs. John Rose, 1795. He is listed in Loundes London Directory of 1799 at 23 Chancery Lane and Holborn Bars. In Kent's Directory of London (1811) he is listed at Staples Inn Gate, Holborn. He is listed in Donald Francis McKenzie, Stationers' Company Apprentices 1701-1800 (Oxford, 1978) : 173. Druce's obituary was published in The Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 83, October (1813) : 404, listed under Sept. 27, top of 2nd column.

    This document featured for sale here has attachments that include a very rare stamp of King George III affixed with paper seal VI Pence, the tax paid for the blank indenture form engraved parchment. Bas de page are five medallion like wax seals with the royal portrait adjacent to the signatures of the legal witnesses. 

    The document is an indenture between banking magnate Robert Herries the Elder (1730-1815), and Thomas Hammersely (1746-1812), of Saint James Street, Westminster in the county of Middlesex, and the acting partners of the London Exchange Banking Company, including foremost the Right Honorable Marquis of Carmarthen, (Francis Osborne 1751-1799), who was in charge of Massachusetts Bay, and  voted against Lord North's propositions for conciliating the differences with America in February 1776, just weeks previous to this document. The other acting partners of the London Exchange Banking Company included James, Lord Grimston, Francis, Lord Beauchamp, Sir Charles Bingham, baronet, Thomas, Lord Wentworth, John, Earl of Galloway, and Richard Glover, all named here in this Indenture with their signatures affixed. These were the seven members listed and specified in this document as of the members of the Club known as The New Club at Goostree's in Pall Mall, which had been newly formed in 1773. The membership in this New Club at Goostree's  had changed somewhat from 1773 to 1776 with a few added and a few dropping out. They are cited in this Indenture as the members of the first and second parts. James Goostree of Pall Mall in the third part of this Indenture. Their autographs alone make this a museum piece and they are of significance and importance to both British history and the history of the American Colonial Revolutionary War Era.

    The Indenture regards a lease dating from March 25, 1773 made of John Scott of the parish of Saint James Westminster and both the aforementioned Robert Herries and Thomas Hammersely regarding the lease for the sum of  £2,000, two buildings in the Pall Mall, which had been occupied by James Goostree.

    Sir Robert Herries in mid career became a wine merchant with Barcelona, Valencia, Montpelier, and with the British Colonies in America. In 1762, he entered as a partner in the banking form of Thomas and James Coutts. Herries is the inventor of traveler's checks, then called "Circular Exchange Notes" and had connections with Sir William Pulteney, founder of the London Exchange Banking Company. Herries also engaged in the controlling the tobacco trade and blocked Robert Morris and the American tobacco trade at Paris. Herries sent his agents to the American colonies to purchase their tobacco.

    Thomas Hammersely joined the London bank of Herries, Forbes & Blair (formerly that of Coutts & Herries) at its foundation in 1771.

There is a collection of John Amory's correspondence in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boylston Street Library,  among the Karolik-Codman Family Papers. This letter discusses business in the first part. The second portion deals with personal comments about family and concludes with a contemporary view of the export trade especially with the Americans. One of the earliest mention of the Americans as such in English literature history. The earliest use known is in 1765 by Gayle in reference to Americans having a distaste for paying quit-rents on large tracts of land. Here, in this letter of 1785, Dowling speaks of the Americans in dire need of English merchants goods. The distinction between the citation of Gayle and this one by Dowling is that the latter is made post Articles of Confederation referring to the Americans as a new nation, a new brand of countrymen. A very worthwhile historical treasure, this letter will be resplendent in any public or private collection. $3,000-$3,500. USD

1767 Letter to His Majesty's Customs Officer, John Swift.

The John G. Laidacker Correspondence Archive comprising  over 600 items, includes many business letterheads from other coin, stamp, antique dealers, and collectors, all rare, and his business ledger book with clients names and notes about correspondence, invoices, etc. Also included are all the correspondence with the Chapman Brothers since that archive is now being broken up for sale. All of these items were purchased at considerable price from the Samuel Laidacker Estate, and family members, and from very well-known long time stamp dealers and auction houses. The only other known collections in the United States are in the Winterthur Museum, Delaware, and a private collection of an ancestor. Estimate $60,000 - $120,000 USD.

A National Heirloom of Great Historical Significance

London Letter May 10, 1765 from Neal Pigou Booth to Richard Waln, Jr. (1737-1809), a Philadelphia Merchant.

A superb letter having significance in American Colonial, postal, and numismatic history. The letter was dispatched from London May 10, 1765 sailing aboard the ship Roebuck and arrived in New York about the first week of July. It was received in Philadelphia postmarked July 12 in a Benjamin Franklin newly designed circular date stamp (cds) postmark with the day above (12) and month abbreviated below (Iy). According to Tom Clarke, A Catalog of Philadelphia Postmarks Vol. 1 (1991) : 7,  who wrote the bible on Philadelphia postmarks the earliest known use of the Franklin cds is October 9, 1765. This one is three months earlier setting a new record for the earliest discovered use. This action by Franklin may have been prompted by the Stamp Act and the reaction it had leading to the Virginia Assembly resolution 30 May 1765 to refuse compliance. This would have been Franklin's action prior to the Congress that convened during the month of October which declared the Stamp Act unconstitutional. The catalogue value of this New York postmark according to David C. Phillips, American Stampless Cover Catalog (1997) is listed at $1,000, twenty years ago. Being a discovery piece for the Franklin Philadelphia cds with accrued valuation over two decades this letter is easily valued at $4,500. However, there is more. The contents of the letter states the London firm purchased the goods from Mr. John Rivington, the eminent bookseller in London. This is the firm of James Rivington who came to America in 1759 and eventually set up a newspaper and in the 1780's was an early Colonial era coin dealer. This makes it a triply significant discovery piece since correspondence mentioning or about the Rivington firm is virtually unheard of anywhere. Estimate $6,500 - $13,000 USD. This item should attain much higher value at a commercial auction house.

John Pearson Auctioneer, Quarterly Duty Report, 1834

According to the New York Annual Register, 1834, on page 158, John Pearson ranked 26th in paying duties to the State of New York for his auctions. This is the original accounting sheet for his auction sales January through March 1834. It  is postmarked New York August 8, 1834, and mailed to A. C. Flagg, Comptroller of New York at Albany.  This was purchased many years ago and was intended as an exhibit or illustration in American Numismatic Auctions to 1875, but was edited out at the last minute.

More Museum Items  . . .

Ptolemaic Mummy Wrapping Fragment

Fragment of the Book of the Dead. Hieratic on Egyptian linen mummy wrapping. Ptolemaic Period. Preserved as it was received enclosed in sealed plastic envelope by noted antiquities dealer Ferrini. Ex-Bruce P. Ferrini. Estimate $2,000

Two Long Vellum Scrolls Containing the Last Will and Testament of Vanni de Castellani Rival of Cosimo de Medici, 1417, and 1435

Above Photos are of main portions of "Only One Long Vellum Scroll" measuring  21.65" x 7.09"550 x 180 mm.  Text in Latin. Below a redaction in February 1434/1435 of the Will of Messr. Vanni de'Castellani originally created July 6, 1417 above vellum scroll, and his wife Francesca, daughter of Bettino Ricasoli, redacted upon his death. paragraphs 5-6 are dated February 1434/1435.

Above Photos are of two portions of "Only One Long & Wide Vellum Scroll" measuring  27.17" x 11.22" 690 x 285 mm. Text in Latin. A redaction in February 1434/1435 of the Will of Messr. Vanni de'Castellani originally created July 6, 1417 and his wife Francesca, daughter of Bettino Ricasoli, redacted upon his death. paragraphs 5-6 are dated February 1434/1435. Estimate $75,000

 Pierre Lagnier Edition of Cicero Printed At Cologne, 1571 

Marcus Tullius Ciceronis, Sententiae Insigniores Apophthegmata, Parabolae, seu Similia, atq eiusdem aliquot pia Sententiae. Omnia collecta à Petro Lagnerio Compendiensi. Quae praeterea adiecta sunt, sequens indicat pagella. (Coloniae : Gualtherum Fabricium, & Ioannem Gymnicum, 1571) 623 p., + 23 pages of Indices. Beautifully tooled and stamped leather binding bearing ancient medal wreath framed portraits within  floriated panels along the border that frame the central ornamental work of an interlaced vine. Above each portrait is a plinth block inscribed with the abbreviated name identifying the personage of each medallic portrait. There are four different names so rendered on the front and back covers :  IOHA  - ERAS - PHIL - CARO, coinciding with the four different medallic portraits. The editor of this volume is the noted Latin and law scholar from Compiègne in Picardy, France, Pierre Lagnier (fl. 1541-1597), who published various editions of Cicero in Latin and French. Lagnier was a lawyer who studied law at the University of Toulouse, France. In his first edition published in 1541 at Toulouse by Guydonis à Boudeville he includes a letter thanking his professors Arnaud de Ferrieres, Jean de Coras, Jean Massebrac, who inspired him to produce the Cicero edition. This edition was published at Cologne by Walther Fabritius and Johann Gymnich III in 1571. Estimate $1,500

 Bonnaventure, Sententiarum, 2 Folios, Incunabula                                           

 Very Rare edition

Celebratissimi patris domini Bonaventure doctoris seraphici in tertium librum sententiarum disputata.  folios 30.5 cm x 22 cm. Panzer, VII, 309, 270. Estimate $30,000

  Philip of Spain 1682 Sicilian Document                                               

An Original and  Unique Document of King Charles II of Spain (reigned 1665-1700) the last of the Spanish Hapsburg Kings, dated 8 October 1682 regarding payments in Monte della Pieta, Sicily. Estimate $1,250

A Collection of Rare Almanacs 1711 to 1914 

Superb Collection of British, Colonial American, and American Almanacs. Comprising Almanacs from 1711 to 1914. Included among the large collection is an Almanac of 1791 containing a contemporary portrait of George Washington believed to be by Paul Revere, a handwritten entry by Adonijah Bidwell in an almanac of 1761 noting the day his son was born (the only known record of his birth); rare tooled leather bound miniature almanacs; an almanac purportedly belonging to Queen Anne of England; and much more. Estimate $60,000

Colonial Province of Maryland 1760 Land Deed

This vellum document records the transfer of land to Henry Stoffle. Estimate $1,200-$1,500.

Colonial Letter to John Adams, March 4, 1784 

A National heirloom. This is a request for payment from a Mr. Fynje to John Adams, who apparently was at Taunton, Massachusetts 4 March 1784, where it was addressed. Fynje was a principal in the Second Dutch Loan contracted in March 1784. Estimate $1,500

Joseph Coolidge Letter to Fiancé  Elizabeth Bulfinch, 1795

This is a National Heirloom. A Relative of President Calvin Coolidge. Joseph Coolidge (1773-1840) was the son of Boston import merchant Joseph Coolidge (1747-1820), and Elizabeth Boyer Coolidge (1753-1786). After graduating from the Royal Military College of Soreze in southern France in 1792, he traveled extensively throughout Europe. Upon his return to Boston he became a prosperous merchant, taking over and enlarging his father’s business and amassing a large estate. He married Elizabeth Bulfinch (1777-1837), daughter of Dr. Thomas Bulfinch (1728-1802), his second cousin and the sister of architect Charles Bulfinch (1763-1844), and the couple had five children that lived to adulthood: Elizabeth Boyer Coolidge Swett (1797-1880); Joseph Coolidge (1798-1879); Thomas Bulfinch Coolidge (1802-1850); Susan Bulfinch Coolidge Lyman (1812-1898); and Anna Storer Coolidge Prince (1819-1881). This letter was written on Sunday, January 25, 1795, to his future wife Elizabeth Bulfinch, whom he married on 20 September, 1796, one year and eight months after the date of this letter. Estimate $1,500

Coiner U. S. Branch Mint - New Orleans, Illustrated Letter of Mint Press To Relative in Glasgow, 1844  

A National heirloom, indeed! An exceptionally rare find is original correspondence from Branch Mint employees who worked the coin presses illustrating the machines and explaining how they worked. Here we have an original piece of correspondence written on May 31, 1844, that does just that. Addressed to Mr. James Combe, a machinist and blacksmith at 7 Park Place Stockwell Street, Glasgow, Scotland, from a relative working in the U. S. Branch Mint at New Orleans. The letter is a reply to Mr. Combe's earlier letter dated 26 April, 1844, in which he requested a description of the coining presses and in compliance to that request this letter contains seven schematic drawings of the coin press :  front view, side view, and five drawings of machine parts with explanations. He tells Mr. Combe the coining presses were made in Philadelphia in 1838 by Merrick & Agnew and cost $3,000. He also mentions he is "surrounded by sickness and death" referring to the sporadic outbreak of yellow fever plague there that year. An important piece of cultural heritage shedding light on the sixth year of operation in the New Orleans Branch Mint.  There are also available a group of three additional letters written in German regarding the New Orleans Mint in the 1840's, to be sold separately. Estimate $15,000. The three German letters are sold as a single group and have an estimate of $2,100.

A Nice Collection of Virgil Brand Correspondence 

The Virgil Michael Brand Correspondence Archive, a very small collection of well over 70 pieces of correspondence mostly envelopes of various numismatic, and/or philatelic business and personal matters. Stamp and coin dealers include Lyman Haynes Low, William Hesslein, and others. Some contain rare stamps and postmarks. Although small in stature the collection forms a wealth of data on one of the great collectors in numismatic history. 

Please note that the many pieces of correspondence sent by Mr. Brand to the Chapman Brothers are not included in this offering but are part and parcel of The Chapman Family Correspondence Archive. However, since plans have changed those items can be added for anyone interested. An estimate above that given here would be adjusted accordingly. Note above a rare Spanish-American War patriotic cover used by Dr. George Heath for The Numismatist sent to Brand. Moreover, several registered mailing are franked with a block of 5 postage stamps which carries a significant market premium. A scan of one piece of mail sent to Brand by St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co., can be seen in the biography of Burdette Garner Johnson. As is estimate $4,500. 

A Nice Collection of the Albany Numismatic Society Papers 

Archive of the Albany Numismatic Society (ANS) 1939 to 1954. Contains many documents including : 7 printed booklets, pamphlets and brochures, 4 newspaper clippings, 8 letters from the U. S. Treasury Department and the U. S. Mint Office, 39 articles and papers read as talks totaling 107 pages, 43 invoices/receipts from coin dealers, and various records of the ANS kept by the secretary. The Albany Numismatic Society was organized in April 1936 and reported for the first time in The Numismatist in the August 1936 issue. The collection was purchased about fifteen years ago from the secretary's grandson. There are 43 invoices from famous coin dealers like Abe Kosoff, B. Max Mehl, Wayte Raymond, M. H. Bolender, Manhattan Coin, Syracuse Coin Shop, etc. A unique collection that brings life to the Albany Numismatic Society, an important organization since Albany has always been a key city in numismatic history since the eighteenth century and ranks in 5th place among the top cities of American  numismatic history. The perfect gift for the Newman Portal or any institution dedicated to numismatic research. A detailed inventory in PDF is available for all interested parties. Estimate $1,300. Write asking for the Albany PDF to :

A Good Collection of the Deats Correspondence Archive 

The Hiram Edmund Deats Correspondence Archive, comprising approximately 1,500 pieces of correspondence mainly postal cards. A real treasure! Some rare postal stationery including an unsued Scott US U351 U76 Ten Cents Columbus and Liberty slate brown, entire, custom printed with REGISTERED corner card of H. E. Deats in near mint condition as shown in this auction description. 

A very rare specimen of correspondence sent to Deats & Sterling, Trenton New Jersey, postmarked May 25, 1891, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

            A very nice mixture of numismatic, philatelic, genealogical, personal, and business correspondence. There are several specimens scanned in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatic Biographies for your consideration in the biography of Hiram E. Deats here on this website by finding the link on the menu on the left. You can also find other references by typing Deats into window on SEARCH THIS SITE at the top of this page. The corpus of Deats material sheds great light on a very busy high energy entrepreneur who ran a vast estate, farm, corporate buildings, and active among both coin and stamp organizations and collecting. Please note that correspondence sent by Mr. Deats to the Chapman Brothers are not included in this offering but are part and parcel of The Chapman Family Correspondence Archive. A treasure trove for the Deats scholar and collecting institution. Ideal for any serious collector, museum or numismatic and or philatelic institution.

                For a fuller description of this collection visit the Hiram Edmund Deats biography found on this website by scrolling up until you find  it and clicking it on the Menu on the left margin.

                Since the Hiram Edmund Deats Correspondence Archive  cannot find an institutional buyer it shall be broken up into parcels and sold at this website, other philatelic auctions, and at Hong Kong. Sadly, the philatelic and numismatic historical value as a whole will be lost to posterity forever. Get your piece of history write to Estimate of the Deats Archive as a whole is $250,000 USD. Scans of the items coming soon.


A Remarkable and Monumental Collection 

of the 

Chapman Family Correspondence Archive 

Nota Bene : The illustrations found below of various correspondence in the Chapman Family Archive is a mere fraction of the vast number of unique, important, postally, and historically significant specimens contained therein.

                The Lupia Numismatic and Philatelic Library, Special Collection, The Chapman Family Correspondence Archive, is absolutely astonishing and awe-inspiring comprising about 30,000 pieces of unique correspondence found nowhere else, none are included in the letterpress books at the ANS, exclusive mail of coin and stamp dealers Samuel Hudson Chapman (1857-1931), and his younger brother Henry Chapman, Jr. (1859-1934), and Henry's wife Helen Chapman (1872-1958), and business manager Ella B. Wright (1877-1952), sent to the firms of S.H. & H. Chapman, and from 1907 on individually to either Samuel Hudson Chapman or to Henry Chapman, Jr., and after Henry's death to either Helen or Ella; consisting of postal cards, letters, letter sheets, letterheads, and a variety of annotated envelopes in English and shorthand containing a wealth of information regarding numismatic history spanning seven decades from 1878 to 1948.  The collection is larger than the population of New London, Connecticut. A shift hunter's Garden of Eden with about 30,000 specimens yielding a remarkable number of plate varieties. A numismatic and philatelic researchers dream containing thousands and thousands of messages found nowhere else.

Many post cards including Chapman circulars announcing coin auction sales.

            It is the largest substantial portion of the Chapman Family Correspondence Archive known to exist in the world, anywhere since 1959 when it was broken up and sold in large part to philatelic dealer Frederick Langford decades before the late 1970's acquisition of some documents which he had sold in bulk to Freddie Warner, and later on in the early 1980's some purchased from Warner by Ed Rice, George F. Kolbe and others. 



An exceptionally rare specimen of Circusiana of a graphic illustrated carnival cover that foreshadowed Fay Wray's famous scene in the hand of King Kong sent by coin dealer Frank M. Pinkerton (1871-1930), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked May 28, 1902, Marshalltown, Iowa. Ex-Langford $250. Current estimate $350-$550.


A very rare Groth-Constantine Machine Cancel, postmarked February 12, 1891, Washington, D.C., sent by William Wallace Hays (1821-1899). Ex- Schuyler Rumsey Auction #45, Lot 1147 $241.50. Current estimate $350-$550.


A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of Charles Frederick  Gunther (1837-1920), of Chicago, Illinois, famed for his chocolate factory and what is now called the Chicago History Museum, postmarked March 7, 1887, cds. Ex James T. McCusker $203.50. Current estimate $350-$550.


A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of Charles Frederick  Gunther (1837-1920), of Chicago, Illinois, famed for his chocolate factory and what is now called the Chicago History Museum, postmarked November 24, 1884, cds. Ex McCusker $200. Current estimate $350-$550.

 A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of Charles Frederick Gunther (1837-1920), of Chicago, Illinois, famed for his chocolate factory and what is now called the Chicago History Museum, postmarked January 7, 1885, cds. Ex McCusker $200. Current estimate $350-$550.

A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of Davill H. Trautman (1853-1910) who corresponded with the Chapman Brothers but apparently could not spell their name. This is one of the best of the misspellings of the Chapman name in the Lupia Collection. There are many other candidates to choose from. This one wins since it is perhaps the most charming with the perched bird with fluttering wings suspending the card that displays Trautman's vendibles. Maybe the only time you will ever see the word "Eatables" in print. Ex-Alevizos $150. Current estimate $350-$550.

A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of Samuel Emerson Salisbury (1862-1934), as a breeder of poultry. He was a dentist by profession, and expected to pay chicken feed for rare coins from the Chapman Brothers. This cover postmarked June 7, 1895, Warsaw, New York and franked with a strip of two Blue 1c Franklin with fancy cancels. He moved to Monrovia, California ten years later in 1905. Ex- Siegel $105. Current estimate $350-$550.

A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of Charles E. Peachey (1864-1936). Now isn't that just peachy! Ex-Siegel $85. Current estimate $200-$300.

A Scarce Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of the Eagle White Lead Company, sent by Henry Hays of Minneapolis, Minnesota, ANA Member No. 216, who collected Eagles of all kinds! Ex-Siegel $75. Current estimate $150-$250.

A Very Rare Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of the Legendary Gold Coin & Ingot Collector, John Andrew Beck (1859-1924), who salted away the gold from the Chapman Brothers. Ex-Apfelbaum $95. Current estimate $350-$550.

A Scarce Graphic Illustrated Advertising Cover of the Modern Woodmen of America sent by A. C. Hunter, ANA Member No. 301, whose heraldic eagle hold the banner with motto "Pur Autre Vie", reminding us that all possessions including coins are temporary possessions. Hunter was also the postmaster of West Branch, Iowa. Ex-Apfelbaum $95. Current estimate $150-$250.

Farran Zerbe using a Hotel Zinzendorf  envelope with an engraved Heraldic Eagle bearing abreast monogram H-Z. Of course, a clue to Zerbe's travels at that date since it is postmarked Winston Salem, North Carolina, June 9, 1913. Since he was leaving immediately he crossed out the Zinzendorf Hotel's return address and inscribed his own P. O. Box 876 at Philadelphia. Current estimate $150-$250.

Henry Hazotte to Henry Chapman, December 10, 1925

Arthur H. Bonsor to Henry Chapman, February 8, 1926

E. W. Smith correspondence to Henry Chapman, Jr., postmarked October 30, 1935, nearly eleven months after his demise at the time when Helen Chapman and Ella B. Wright managed the company.

H. S. Moore correspondence to Henry Chapman, Jr., Photographic Illustrated cover of the Honey Creek Poultry Farm, postmarked June 8, 1929, very scarce Shenandoah Railroad cancel. Ex-Eric Jackson.

Poste Italiane

Pietro & Pio Santamaria, Coin Dealers, Rome, Italy, Letter Card- December 7, 1926


There are many Canadian pieces - just a few as time allows for posting here.

A rare graphic engraved House of Commons envelope sent by Lancefield to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked, Ottawa, April 8, 1882. Current estimate $250-$350.

A rare strip of three Canadian 3 cent postage stamps sent by F. F. Joseph, ANA No. 324, to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Toronto, November 14, 1885. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare Canadian postal card sent by Joseph Hooper to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Port Hope, Ontario, March 19, 1889. Current estimate $350-$550.

Correspondence from William Henry Donley (1864-1929), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Belleville, Ontario, June 10, 1891. Current estimate $250-$350.

Correspondence from William Thomas Smith (1840-1916), ANA Member No. 68, a Canadian coin dealer who, in 1902, issued fifty white metal store cards, some in brass and a few in silver (McColl 817), postmarked  November 2, 1891, Sarnia, Ontario. Current estimate $250-$350.

A rare graphic engraving of an 1892 store card (Breton 606) of coin dealer Pierre-Odilon Tremblay (1864-1934), ANA No. 112, sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked registered, Montreal, January 30, 1893, franked with a bisected 5 cent + 3 cent Canadian postage stamp. The wax seal on the back is the design by Charles Tison of Poseidon/Neptune with trident riding in his two horse drawn sea chariot a classical image found on one of his store cards (Breton 607). Current estimate $350-$550.

Correspondence from John Dow (1871-1921), sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Montreal, Canada, November 30, 1894. Current estimate $150-$250.

A very rare corner card of William Lander Bastian (1860-1895), ANA No. 1, sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Montreal, Canada, May 29, 1895. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare corner card of E. R. Read, Stamp Dealer, sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Brantford, Ontario, April 27, 1896. Current estimate $250-$350.

Consignor to the Chapman coin auction featuring J. A. Nexsen, December 16, 1904, with the last 109 lots those of William Cudney. This letter franked by king Edward VII, postmarked December 27, 1897, Galt, Ontario, Canada. Galt post office, now a D.P.O., existed from 1826-1973. Current estimate $150-$250.

A Very Rare registered "Black R in oval", Letter Postmarked Single arc Clarence; Split-ring, Clarence, Ontario, Canada, January 6, 1896. Franked by Canada Nos. 41 (SG 105) & 44 (SG 117), 3c vermillion and 8c violet black, the very rare Victoria Small Queen [4226]. Canadian postal rate of 11 Cents (very rare on cover to find 8c on non domestic). Backstamped Square Circle Precursor, Type II. Montreal January 7, 1896. Canadian Damaged Letter stamps purple D in circle January 8, 1896, the wax seal was broken off.  Philadelphia Registered Receiving Mark in Red-Purple ink January 9, 1896.  Ex Pickering, Simpson $595.00;  Saskatoon Stamp Centre Auction, 2015;  Current estimate $900.00. 

A Very Rare Specimen of a J. C. Wilson Patriotic Envelope, Henry Gates WLS-EO5, 7-Stripe Old Glory, Spanish American War, Canada Memorabilis, "Maine", sent by Albert Edward Way (1872-1950), ANA No. 581, a farmer and part time coin dealer and collector to the Chapman Brothers, franked with a Queen Victoria 3 Cents provisional with overprint 2 Cents, cancelled with Picton squared circles, postmarked Aug 19, 1899, Picton, Ontario, 2 PM. Ex-Larry Grossman, $150. Current estimate $350-$550.


Uprated Canadian postal stationery sent by William Fletcher Taylor postmarked January 10, 1906, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Current estimate $150-$250.

A Very Rare mixed countries postage stamps franked cover. U. S. Special Delivery, 1917, 10¢ ultramarine, Scott No. E11, tied by "Philadelphia, Pa., postmarked June 7, 1920" cds on incoming cover from Montreal, Canada, franked with Canada 3¢ brown pair tied by "Montreal, P.Q. Jun 5, 1920" machine postmark; light cover edge wear and soiling, F.-V.F.  Sent by William Walter Coulthard Wilson (1870-1924).  Ex- Schuyler Rumsey Auction #45, Lot 1453 $195.50. Current estimate $350-$550.


There are many English pieces - just a few as time allows for posting here.

A National Museum piece! Samuel Hudson Chapman transacting importing ancient Greek and Roman coins from a dealer in London, franked by Scott SG 141, Rosy mauve 2-1/2 d. Victoria, all 4 corners letter "I", very scarce, postmarked February 6, 1878, London, W. 11

Spink & Sons to the Chapman Brothers Registered Letter with two very scarce perfins Scott SG #244 postmarked 30 November 1903. Ex-Albanese

Spink & Sons to the Chapman Brothers Registered Letter Postmark November 24, 1915, S. W. D. O., Postal service marking "Supposed liable to Custom Duties". Wax Seal Monogram MS. Ex-Lincoln

Spink & Sons to the Chapman Brothers an over-size (5" x 8") Registered Letter with one very scarce six pence perfin postmarked 22 June 1916. S. W. D. O., Postal service marking "Supposed liable to Custom Duties". Wax Seal Monogram MS. 

German Dealers

                Over 7,400 pieces of mail belong to the 19th Century! The remaining 20,000 belong to the 20th Century. Secrets and wonders are contained in more than 325 binders filled with rare and unique specimens of correspondence neither in the letterpress books which are currently in the ANS Collection, take special note of this Ute, nor found elsewhere.


Every coin dealer active 1875-1945 is represented in this archive, and many stamp dealers - just a few as time allows to post here. If you have any requests email me :

An extremely rare graphic illustrated cover of George A. Leavitt & Company auction house postmarked January 29, 1879, New York, Station D, R.P.O. There are several of these in the archive. I've never come across any other known specimens in any collection or museum. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare corner card of the auction house Bangs & Company. All of the Bangs paperwork was destroyed sold as scarp for recycling when John Anderson took over. Very few covers like this one have survived of which sixteen, yes, you heard right, sixteen are in this archive collection. These might possibly be the only ones known. In thirteen years or more researching a book on the Bangs auction house I've never come across any other known specimens in any collection or museum. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare and possibly unique very early Charles L. Stake business correspondence with the Chapman Brothers postmarked June 12, 1879, Dayton, Ohio.  Note the hour of day is above the date (very rare) in the dial. The mail clerk switched the position of the slugs for the date and time by error that day. The Duplex and Killer, a negative "J" is not listed in James M. Cole, Cancellations & Killers of the Bank Note Era 1870-1894. Ex-Andy Lustig, 2012, $200. This cover is listed by Richard Frajola in his PhilaMercury as Cover#12722 to illustrate a Scott#147 tied by a fancy cancel on an illustrated cover estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer William Klahr Miller (1842-1923), sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Reading, Pennsylvania, January 22, 1881. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer Charles Elliot Makepeace (1855-1931), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Watertown, New York, July 19, 1881. Current estimate $350-$550.


An extremely rare graphic illustrated cover of stamp and coin dealer M. Heilbronner to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked New York, March 8, 1882. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare graphic illustrated cover of stamp and coin dealer August Wuesthoff (1838-1910), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked New York, March 24, 1882. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer Gaston Louis Feuardent (1843-1893), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked New York, January 4, 1884. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare corner card of the auction house Ortgies & Company. I've never come across any other known specimens in any collection or museum. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer Lyman Haynes Low (1844-1924), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked New York, July 14, 1885. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare postal card from coin dealer Dr. Charles E. Fraser, Jr., postmarked November 7, 1885, Lee Centre, New York. Current estimate $450-$650.

Very rare graphic illustrated numismatic cover of Ebenezer Lock Mason, Jr. to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked registered mail January 2, 1889, Boston, Massachusetts, franked by a strip of two Scott # 213-A57, 2c George Washington, green, and a strip of two of the more pricy  Scott #216-A56, 5c James A. Garfield, deep blue. The coins shown are the 1864 gold dollar and the Confederate 1861 half dollar which Mason was the first to discover. The caption on the cover advertises Mason's, Coin Collectors' Herald, which no record exists for 1888 or 1889. There was an earlier issue Mason's Coin Collectors' Herald, 1879-1882 was published at Philadelphia. May 1885 was the last issue of Mason's Coin Collectors' Magazine published at 235 Washington Street, Boston. He did not resume publishing that magazine title until June 1890, when his new address was 26 Exchange Street, Boston. According to Charles Davis there was a lacuna for a space of five years. It is crass judgement to summarily dismiss this out of hand. We know Wilhelm von Bergen published a quarterly magazine of this title at Boston (not listed in Remy Bourne), but it began in 1890. Mason evidently published this as advertised at a new address 325 Washington Street, Boston. This title as given here by Mason was published at Boston by W. S. Best & Co., and is known to be on file in the  Small Journal Collection, National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution. However, this might be that of von Bergen, not Mason. Back is All-Over-Advertisement of Merchant's Gargling Oil. Ex-Sell $131.50. Estimate $350-$550 The Chapman Archive  . . . bringing history to light and life.

A very rare postal letter sheet from the auction house of Stanislaus Vincent Henkels & Company, postmarked February 1, 1886. Other correspondence of this firm are also in the collection. This specimen has on the back side the letterhead printed as a folded sheet  with the corporate name as a corner card for mailing. A real rare treat for any philatelist, numismatist, or collector of antique obsolete letterheads. Current estimate $350-$550.


A very scarce corner card of stamp dealer Gilbert D. Kingman postmarked June 18, 1886. Current estimate $250-$350.

An extremely rare corner card of the auction house Davis & Harvey postmarked November 24, 1886. Current estimate $350-$550.

A scarce corner card of stamp and coin dealer William P. Brown (1841-1929), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked New York, April 18, 1887. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare corner card cover of coin dealer Arthur Elbridge Marks (1853-1917), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked  Woodfords, Maine, April 18, 1887. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare corner card cover of stamp and coin, numismatic and philatelic literature dealer Charles Van Peteghem sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Paris, France, July 19, 1887. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer George Charles Vogt (1869-1949), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Rochester, New York, January 24, 1888. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare corner card of stamp, coin, and curio dealer Thomas Samuel Crayton, Jr. (1860-1937), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Anderson, South Carolina, June 5, 1888. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce Thomas Birch & Sons, Auctioneers postmarked March 1, 1889 to Harry Chapman from Stan Henkels.

Coin dealer William Elliot Woodward (1825-1892) writing with postal stationery (Thorp-Bartels # 1244), this is an EKU (earliest known use) postmarked Dorchester Station, Massachusetts (Blake/Davis #2605), March 20, 1889. Current estimate $350-$550.

A rare graphic Illustrated cover of stamp and coin dealer and numismatic literature publisher Ebenezer Locke Mason, Jr., to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Registered, Boston, Massachusetts, February 7, 1890. Current estimate $350-$550.

A rare graphic Illustrated cover of the Press of T. R. Marvin & Son sent by William Theophilus Rogers Marvin (1832-1913), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked February 25, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts. The postage stamp was issued just three days previous and represents a very early use. Machine Cancel, Blake/Davis #2710. Current estimate $350-$550.

A rare graphic Illustrated cover of the Scott Stamp & Coin Company, Ltd., with Lyman Haynes Low as manager of the Numismatic Department using his business collateral printed with the Scott brand name. Postmarked, March 19, 1890, New York, Station F, RPO. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce corner card of coin dealer Adolph Reimers (1847-1920), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked  San Francisco, California, November 20, 1890. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce graphic Illustrated cover of Francis R. Kimball (1859-1922), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked December 10, 1890, Waltham, Massachusetts. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce graphic Illustrated cover of Herbert Ellis Morey (1848-1925), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Boston, Massachusetts, January 19, 1891. Do you see any similarity to that of Francis R. Kimball? Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer Walton C. Scott (1849-1906), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked February 9, 1891, Dalton, Ohio. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce corner card of Thomas Birch's Sons, Auctioneers, who sold thousands of stamps and coins in their auction house at Philadelphia. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce corner card of  stamp dealer Joseph James Casey (1845-1925), a delightful stampless cover postmarked April 15, 1891, Station L, New York. Current estimate $350-$550.

Very scarce graphic illustrated cover of coin dealer Charles Taylor Tatman (1871-1945), postmarked Worcester, Massachusetts, August 17, 1891. Current estimate $350-$550.

Wilhelm Von Bergen, postmarked Boston, Massachusetts, November 8, 1892. Current estimate $350-$550.

Very scarce covers from Daniel R. Kennedy, Auctioneer postmarked March 16, and October 5, 1894. Current estimate $350-$550.

Very scarce  corner card of Anderson Auction Company postmarked August 14, 1907. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare uprated postal stationery cover franked with five 2 Cent postage stamps, with two of them a pair of Schermack-type vending machine stamps known as Mail-O-Meter having large perforations. Ex Tom Mills $230. Current estimate $350-$550.

F. C. C. Boyd to Henry Chapman, Jr., ordering a plated catalogues of Bement and Jackman sales using the old outdated address which he was fuzzy on omitting the house number and just gave a street name. The letter carrier corrected the address penciling-in the new address on South 16th Street. The business envelope where he worked at Claflins Inc., a wholesale dry goods broker, is franked by a very scarce Schermack-Type II of a Scott #484a. The Post Office is Hudson Terminal Station, New York City, with a meter slogan that advertises BUY NOW US GOVERNMENT BONDS 3rd  LIBERTY LOAN six months prior to the end of WWI.

F. C. C. Boyd to Henry Chapman, Jr., with payment for the plated catalogues two days prior to the Bement sale, franked by a very scarce Schermack-Type II of a Scott #483a. Henry's notes on the back regarding purchases made at the sales. The Chapman Archive . . . bringing history to life

Theophile E. Leon to Henry Chapman, November 18, 1925


Every consignor is represented in this archive - just a few as time allows to post here.

An extremely rare commercial corner card of Adolph "Dohrmann & Company" printed on postal stationery Thorp-Bartels No. 655 (amber paper with green embossed stamp), postmarked San Francisco, California, October 5, 1882, 5 P.M., with rimless segmented grid killer. Adolph Dohrmann (1832-1886), was partners with Henry Wangenheim since at least 1874 in Wheelans Mills later changed in 1877 to Washington Mills on the northeast corner of Washington and Drumm Streets, San Francisco, California. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare all-over illustrated cover of the Supreme Court, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania sent by attorney and numismatist Harold Parker Newlin (1855-1907), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked March 17, 1884, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare graphic illustrated Plimpton postal stationery cover of Coulter & Company sent by Peter Constantine Mougey (1847-1908), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Cincinnati, Ohio, November 24, 1889. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare specimen of the executor of the Estate of Thomas Cleneay (1809-1887), namely Joseph S. Cleneay, who lodged in New York though the coin auction sale held by the Chapman Brothers was at Philadelphia the same day as the postmark December 9, 1890.  Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of the Laurel House, Lakewood, New Jersey, where vacationer Lewis Bayard Smith (1839-1916) was staying and mailed this letter to the Chapman Brothers, April 25, 1891. Current estimate $350-$550.

A rare commercial corner card of George Clarke Barker and his son Ralph Randolph Barker (1856-1913), from Newport Rhode Island. Ralph Barker consigned 1,608 lots to the Chapman Brothers for a sale held July 7-8, 1904. This piece above is franked with Scott #220 and the more elusive and scarce #225, Nine years later his estate consigned some coins to a sale held by Henry Chapman on November 28-29, 1913. Current estimate $350-$550.

                There are more than one hundred specimens scanned in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatic Biographies for your consideration.  Just type Chapman in the Search This Site search window. 


A potpourri of mail many with a wide variety engraved illustrations, corner cards, registered postage, 

A scarce uprated postal stationery at 12 cents registered mail from Laguna, New Mexico shortly after the Great Earthquake at San Francisco, California.  Current estimate $350-$550.

A rare graphic illustrated commercial corner card of William J. Seever and Alexander Brown of Seever & Brown, a short-lived firm at St. Louis, Missouri. Seever was the coin collector and bidder on the March 20, 1883 Chapman Brothers coin auction sale. Current estimate $150-$250.

A very scarce or rare graphic illustrated Grand Lodge of Iowa postal stationery Plimpton cover sent by librarian and numismatist Theodore Sutton Parvin (1817-1901), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked January 9, 1885, Iowa City, Iowa. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of Henry F. Smith, a pipe tongs manufacturer and numismatist corresponding with the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Rochester, New York, April 3, 1885. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated Plimpton postal stationery cover of The Grand Temple of Honor of Massachusetts sent by Frank Jacob Pratt Dyer (1848-1914), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Hingham, Massachusetts, April 30, 1888. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of Hilpert & Chandler sent by Charles Adolph Hilpert (1855-1922), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked May 2, 1888, Chicago, Illinois. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of William M. Bradley & Brother, Atlas Publishers, sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked June 17, 1888, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Current estimate $350-$550.

An extremely rare all-over illustrated cover of the David Pettit & Company sent to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked March 26, 1889, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very scarce graphic illustrated cover of the Thomas S. Dakin Post, No. 206, New York Grand Army of the Republic sent by P. F. Brinning to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked  November 9, 1890, Brooklyn, New York Station W, R.P.O. Current estimate $250-$350.

A very scarce graphic illustrated cover of the Lemuel C. Porter Milling Company, Winona, Minnesota sent by the heir-apparent Clark Horton Porter (1854-1927), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked Winona, Minnesota, December 10, 1890, with target cancel. Current estimate $150-$250.

A very scarce graphic illustrated cover of the Robert Morris Council, No. 41, Junior Order of United American Mechanics, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sent by tin smith, Jonathan H. Bacon (1854-1929), to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked March 3, 1891. Current estimate $150-$250.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of the bookbinding firm of Julius T. Anger and Henry Egelhofer, sent by Anger to the Chapman Brothers postmarked, New York, April 6, 1891. Current estimate $350-$550.

A very rare graphic illustrated cover of the firm of Ray & Hambly sent by Charles A. Ray to the Chapman Brothers, postmarked, Providence, Rhode Island, July 4, 1891, franked by is an EKU of a very scarce postage stamp error with plate scratches cap over both 2's. Current estimate $350-$550.

Phineas-Alden Beaman (1819-1894), built Wachusett House on Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, Massachusetts. His sons Harry Clayton Beaman and Algernon Thompson Beaman were proprietors of the hotel. The Beamans were coin collectors and bid on coin auction sales held by the Chapman Brothers. This very rare Art Nouveau designed cover is postmarked July 6, 1891, Princeton, Massachusetts. Current estimate $350-$550.

A rare engraved cover of Edward J. Fisher (1864-1953), of the Fisher, Hinkel & Company biscuit manufacturers at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was a coin collector and client of the Chapman Brothers. This letter is postmarked July 14, 1891, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Current estimate $150-$250.

                Anyone familiar with these biographical sketches knows the Archive is an unparalleled treasure trove for American numismatic history. Hundreds of biographies still unpublished on this website are waiting to come to light. The Lupia Numismatic Library, Special Collection, The Chapman Family Correspondence Archive is a virtual Who's Who of American and foreign stamp and coin collectors, consignors, institutions, and dealers. 

                This unsurpassable collection was amassed over a period of more than fifteen to twenty years through assiduous research and enormous capital investment. Many of these were purchased at nationally and internationally advertised philatelic auctions by the major stamp auction houses. Another group of rare pieces were purchased from private collectors at the same expense. The largest groupings were purchased at very great expense from many well-known dealers and auction houses throughout the United States, Canada, and England. 

                This is the largest collection ever assembled of a single family correspondence archive known to be offered anywhere at any time in global history. Even larger than the John F. Seybold philatelic collection of postal history covers and that of the late Steven R. Belasco.

                The collection as a whole contains numerous graphic illustrated stationery of stamp and coin dealers, and many various businesses coveted by postal historian collectors that are scarce or very rare. Several specimens are the earliest known use stamps and postmarks and letters sent to or from certain states to or from a coin and stamp dealer. The Archive contains many thousands of original autographs of famous dealers, collectors, authors, numismatists, and other historical figures not found anywhere else. Many pieces of mail contain scarce or rare postal stationery envelopes and scarce or rare private and commercial envelope makers, scarce or rare postage stamps including oddities and errors, Schermack Types, scarce or rare postal markings, service markings, Postage Due, Received In Bad Order, Transit, Agent, Return to Sender,  and a wide variety of cancel marks, meter slogans and other scarce or rare machine cancelations, including many coveted Barr-Fyke machine cancels, with many scarce or rare DPO's (Discontinued Post Office) CDS's (Circular Date Stamps), including many scarce and rare RPO's (Railroad postal marks), Doane Types, and other scarce or rare stamps including cinderellas, i.e., non-governmental or post office stamps used by institutions like Christmas Seals or manufacturers and various coin and stamp dealers, and many scarce or rare wax seals. The vastness of the collection provides nearly a complete postal history of the states of New York and Pennsylvania showing postmarks from most every town and city.

Private Stamp Vending Machine Perforations on coil stamp Scott #577 imperforated franked on Graphic Illustrated advertisement cover for Morning Joy Pure Coffee, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 21, 1929. Ex-Morton Meyer. Current estimate $150-$250.

                Another misconstrued Chapman phenomena are the four letterpress copybooks believed to be the complete corpus of Chapman correspondence. The correspondence in the Lupia Numismatic Library supplements them and the 11 boxes of correspondence bringing about a much fuller and complete picture of the Chapman dealership. 

                An infallible source to collect and collate statistical data on cities and states by post mark dates on numismatic transactions. All of the data in this collection is unique and virtually all of it is only known in this archive exclusively with no other known sources sharing the data making this a virtual gold mine to be excavated by serious researches. 

                Simply because of its monumental historic value this collection is priceless.  

                The collection is housed in more than three hundred and twenty-five binders spanning more than seventy lineal feet of bookshelves and weighs over a metric ton. Each binder contains the envelope, postcard, rubbings, flyers, letter, or other contents kept in acid free transparent archival sleeves together with a cataloging sheet stored in acid free clear archival sheet protectors. Each binder is numbered on its spine together with the dates of the contents and the number of the contents. A digital catalog is underway of all 27,000 specimens and planned to be completed by early 2017. Currently, this September 2016, it has completed one third the entirety of the collection.

                Since the Chapman Family Correspondence Archive  as a whole cannot find an institutional or private buyer it shall, unfortunately, be broken up into parcels and sold from this website, at other philatelic auctions, and at auction in Hong Kong, to be scheduled. Sadly, the numismatic historical value as a whole supplementing the ANS holdings soon will be lost to posterity forever.   It was up to the current Trustees and Angels of the ANS and other Numismatic Institutions, such as the ANA, Newman Money Museum, Smithsonian Postal History Museum, etc., to continue the conservation John Lupia has initiated demonstrating the same zeal, passion and generosity that has brought this monumental collection into existence, but they failed to respond to this urgent call. Consequently, every item is up for sale to anyone bidding the fair market value. Estimate of the entire collection $3.5 million USD. Write

                Going through the collection anyone will learn that the so-called Chapman Client Books are not that at all. They are merely that portion of their market of buyers on their mailing list, i.e., those who requested the Chapmans to mail them their catalogues when they are printed and ready for mailing. You can only know this by perusing the Chapman Family Correspondence Archive to discover many clients who are not included in the Client Books but who buy and/or sell coins regularly.