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Photo of George W. Street in 1899 published in Jewelers Review, June 7, 1899, page 709.

George W. Street (1842-19??), was born on December 31, 1842, New York City, son of George O. Street, a direct descendent of the Street family settled in the American colonial New Haven Colony.

He was educated at Wilton and then Norwalk, Connecticut.

In 1860, he entered his father's jewelry firm established in 1837 at 15 John Street, New York, years before John Walter Scott set up his shop nearby.

Streets bids for the coin auction held from May 27-29, 1889. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library, Special Collection, Chapman Family Correspondence Archive.

In 1892, after his father's retirement he became head of the firm working with his brothers H. Louis Street and George A. Street.

He served as the director of the New York Jewelers Association.

In 1898, he moved the firm to 24 John Street.

In the 1930's the firm was purchased by the Krementz family of jewelers.

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