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Fig. Photograph of Charles D. Reimers circa 1912 published in Herringshaw’s American Blue Book of Biography (1914) : 793.

Reimers was a noted stamp and coin dealer in the 1920's. He seems to have had some business arrangement with B. Max Mehl not yet clearly understood. His office was in same building as B. Max Mehl, the Flat Iron Building, Fort Worth, Texas.

Charles Dietrich Reimers (1872-1946), born May 2, 1872 at Rock Island, Illinois, son of John Jacob Reimers (1843-1922), a native of Germany, and Marie “Marietta” Antoinette Denkman Reimers (1854-1934).

According to the 1880 U. S. Census they lived at 84 Fifth Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois. He was educated at Iowa State University and Northwestern University.

He was a first baseman on the Northwestern University baseball team. Member of Phi Delta Theta.

He is the nephew of Edward P. Denkman, of Weyerhaeuser & Denkman Lumber Company. His uncle died in 1929, leaving him $262,000 in his will.

He was the president of three concerns in the printing and publishing industry : Reimers Printing Company; Keystone Printing Company; Reimers Engraving & Electrotyping Company.

He was the publisher of the Davenport Times 1899-1902.

He moved to Fort Worth in 1902 coming from Davenport, Iowa.

From 1903 Texas Stock and Farm.

He purchased the old Mail Telegram newspaper and revived it as Fort Worth Telegram from 1902-1909.

On October 30, 1906, he married Linda Ray Saunders (1883-1967) a native of Texas. They had three adopted children : two daughters : Ethleen Reimers Taggart (1918-1999), Linda “Inga” Reimers Mixson (1926-2005); and a son Carl D. Reimers (1930-2015).

From 1909 he published the Texas Farm Co-Operator.

In 1910 he rented a house at 915 South Adams Street, Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1920, they owned a mansion at 425 Henderson Street, Fort Worth, Texas, and had a staff of four live-in servants.

He was the Vice-President, Texas State Bank.

He applied for ANA membership in January 1925. He became ANA Member No. 2785.

Figs. Stamp and Coin, Vol. 1, No. 1 February 1925. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

He lived at 425 Henderson Street, Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1938 Mrs. Reimers donated $5,000 to the Fort Worth Library to purchase a Bookmobile.

On June 10, 1946, he died of cerebral thrombosis complicated by pneumonia at his home 5000 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, Texas. He is buried at Greenwood Memorial Park.


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