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Dr. Frederick Hannum James (1825-1897), was born on March 9, 1825, in Blakeney, Gloucestershire, England. His family migrated to America settling in Rochester, New York in the 1830's. He studied medicine at Rochester, New York, and completed his studies in Litchfield, Vermont.

Fig. Ed Cogan correspondence with Dr. F. H. James, postmark Octagonal Cancel Clarke #101, franked with 3c Rose Washington, 1861 issue.

In 1863, he purchased Lancaster Glass Works, Lancaster, New York. He settled in that city sometime thereafter in his mansion "The Willows" Lancaster, New York.

In 1866, he became a Corresponding Member of the ANS.

He married Elizabeth Collins (-1882) of West Bloomfield, New York.

In 1889, he became a member of the Executive Board, Buffalo Fine Arts Academy.

On October 24, 1893, he married Fanny Hanvey of Rochester, New York.

In 1894, he became the President of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy.

He was a frequent client of the Chapman Brothers.

He was a life member of the Buffalo Historical Society.

In 1893, he donated his collection of coins and medals purchased from Ed Cogan, the Chapman Brothers, and others to the Buffalo Historical Society.

He died on June 28, 1897.

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