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Mug Shot of James Igo, Stack's Bowers Galleries, Sale # March 6, 2019, Lot 14330-Ex-Michael J. Sullivan Collection.

Ebenezer Locke Mason, Jr., gave counterfeiter and thief Johns Igo headlines in his Mason's Coin Collector's Herald. John Igo is the brother of James Igo.

James Igo (1847-1900), was born in Ireland.

On May 29, 1873, he married Mary Manier.

In 1881, John Igo was a coin dealer at 803 Buttonwood Street, Philadelphia.

John Igo was shot and killed on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1900, near Carrington's Rock, Bath County, Kentucky. He came to Bath County some time last year in 1899 from Saline County, Missouri. He had left his wife and two children. His wife is a daughter of the late J. Newton Traylor, who went west from Bath County to Missouri several years ago and died there in recent years. Mr. Igo married his wife in Missouri. James Warner, Robert Hovermale, Austen Ingram and Garnet Armitage were tried for the murder. Warner and Hovermale were acquitted. Ingram and Armitage were held over for Circuit Court trial.

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