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Fig. 1. Photo of Max G. Johl circa April/May 1955, Times Union.

"Colonel" Max Gustav Johl (1900-1957), was born on October 26, 1900, at Groton, New London, Connecticut, son of Herman Johl (1863-1930), a German immigrant who arrived in America in 1888, and was a manufacturer and dealer in cotton spools, and Melanie Kaufman (1876-1926), also a German immigrant who came to America in 1898.

In 1921, he graduated the University of Pennsylvania, and was a member of Phi Epsilon Pi, Eta Chapter.

On March 3, 1924, he enlisted in the National Guard at New York.

Past Commander of the New London Chapter of the Military Order of World Wars. He served as a Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve.

He married Janet Lambert Pagter (1902-1957), daughter of Ralph S. Pagter (1868-1953), and Lena Lambert Pagter (1868-1942).

In 1928, they lived at 2 Torrence Place, White Plains, New York, where Max worked as a sales manager for Max Pollack & Company.

In 1930, they lived at Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York.

In 1935, he published The United States Postage Stamps of the Twentieth Century (H. L. Lindquist)

In 1938, he received the Crawford Medal for his publication The United States Stamps of the Twentieth Century, Vol. IV.

In 1940, they lived at New London, Connecticut, where he was the President and manager of Max Pollack & Company.

In 1950, he received the Luff Award.

He died on March 31, 1957, at Groton, New London, Connecticut. He is buried at Elm Grove Cemetery.

He was inducted into the APS Hall of Fame in 1957.

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