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Edwin James Hardy Pauley (1873-1934), was born on September 23, 1873, at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, son of Francis Hoppins Pauley (1845-1915), and Mary Jane Renouf Pauley (1849-1922).

Fig. Fixed Price List of Pauley circa 1892-1897. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

Pauley was a banker and broker at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

On April 28, 1898, his married his first wife Blanche Bishop (1873-1938), at Christ Church, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They had a son Gerald Edwin Pauley (1899-1981). Blanche divorced him on December 14, 1917.

Pauley business correspondence postmarked December 8, 1899. Ex-Playle.

In 1900, Herbert Elliot Gates (1874-1944), designed Pauley's home on Pleasant Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

On January 9, 1904 he purchased the patent of Herbert Meyerle for his invention of an electronic locking cylinder and knob attachment.

In December 1904, he owned a brokerage in Ontario, Canada Linen Works, purchasing textile twines and yarns at the rate of $500,000.

On March 20, 1918, he married his second wife Martha "Nellie" Ellen Collinge Metcalfe (1880-1934), at Cameron, Pennsylvania. The couple soon moved to 77 Bedford Avenue, Buffalo, New York.

In 1919 they moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey,

On August 26, 1919, he filed a U. S. patent on Gasfix, a gasoline purifier and carbon preventive.

He died on July 31, 1934.

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