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George Hilliard Davis (1836-1868), grandson of General Aquila Davis (1760-1835).

Davis began collecting coins in the 1840's. Among them his 1793 Chain Cent mentioned in a letter by Gitchell is the only coin known in his collection.

Davis was friends with John C. Gitchell and shared numismatic discussions about early American copper issues including Colonial Washington Cents, Large Cents and Half Cents. He received a letter from Gitchell dated June 18, 1857 (q. v.) about his Fugio Cent, which, before Montroville Wilson Dickeson (1810-1862) published his : The American Numismatical Manual (1859), was sometimes called a Ring Cent.

On July 1, 1863, he married Sophronia B. Eaton (1834-1864), daughter of Dr. Leonard Eaton of Warner, New Hampshire.

Davisville Cemetery, Warner, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.

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