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Photo published in The Philatelic Journal of America, V. 10, N. 4, October (1893) : 122

Armand Dethier (1861-), was born on 28 March 1861 at Liege, Belgium. He was a pharmacist, stamp dealer, and publisher of L' Annonce Timbrologique. His philatelic periodical began in 1890 serving as the organ for the Federation of Belgium Philatelists, the Antwerp Society of Philately, and the Philatelic Circle of Liege.

Dethier advertisement published in The New York Stamp, V. 1, N.1, April (1892): 13

Letter from Jewish stamp dealer D. J. Mizrahi, Alexandria, Egypt, postmarked 16 December 1891 on an uprated Egyptian postal stationery with SOE (Sock-On-the-Eye) cancel. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic and Philatelic Library and Museum Collections. For sale $85 + S&H + insurance write

Dethier advertisement in the Belgian Esperanto journal, La Belga Sonorila, V. 3, No. 35, July (1905)