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Henry John Douglass (1847-1912), was born at Westport, Essex County, New York, the second son, and third of five children, on September 1, 1847, son of Benajah Pendleton Douglass (1802-1871), and Robey E. Cole Douglass (1816-1904).

Fig. 1. Ambrotype or tintype photograph of Henry John Douglass, with his nephew circa 1867.

Douglass never married and lived with two of his three sisters Maria Gibson Douglass Doolittle (1839-1923), and Helen Mary Douglass (1855-1949). His younger sister Mary Kate Douglass (1849-1854) dies as a child.

H. J. Douglass is listed as ANA member No. 132 in "Our Numismatic Directory", List No. 7 in the July 1891 issue of The Numismatist on page 54. He became a stamp and coin dealer probably about 1890.

Fig. 2. Douglass' business stationery sent to Charles H. Storer, Concord, New Hampshire, Postmarked Champlain, New York, September 29, 1896, 7 P. M. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

He advertised selling stamps and coins in Philatelic West.

He died on September 1, 1912. He is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Champlain, Clinton County, New York.

Fig. 3. Douglass' tomb at Glenwood Cemetery, Champlain, Clinton County, New York.

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