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William George Klemt (1901-1960), was born on December 31, 1901, at Hudson County, New Jersey, son of William Klemt (1878-1949), and Louisa Keiser Klemt (1881-1954).

He was raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. The family moved to Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey when he was fourteen years old. He lived in Jersey City for the next twenty years until 1935.

Fig. Klemt's advertisement in MeKeel's Weekly Stamp News, August 12, 1922, page 405

Fig. Klemt correspondence with well-known collector William M. McFarlan (1905-1982), postmarked December 20, 1929, Jersey City New Jersey. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

He married Gladys Gorman (1905-1964), and they had two sons William George Klemt, Jr (1925-1997), and Joseph Gordon Klemt (1931-1989).

He died in 1960 at Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey. He is buried at George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey.

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