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Albert Harlan Pomeroy was born on March 21, 1852, son of Lorenzo Harlan Pomeroy (1821-) and Susan C. Pomeroy, both natives of Massachusetts. He was married on June 6, 1883 to Emma E. Winnel (1856-1935) at Amherst, Connecticut. They had three children Laura (1886-1912), Harlan Dickinson (1897-1972), and Raymund Williams (1895-1915).

In the field of American numismatic history Pomeroy is somewhat of a non entity and an enigma. He was a machinst that manufactured scroll saws, and templates for scroll saws. He published catalogues selling these items. However, he also sold pocket knives, bicycles, fireworks, curios, coins, and stamps all in the same catalogue. His business envelopes advertised scroll saw materials, stamps and coins. No record of him is found in the mainstream of numismatic literature. For the Numismatic Bibliomania Society members there is one outstanding consolation his office was on Asylum Street, Hartford, Connecticut. Pomeroy seems to have operated a store very similar to Farran Zerbe about the same time, but in Hartford, Connecticut. Unlike Zerbe, Pomeroy, though he did sell stamps and coins, never established a name in the field of numismatics. There may exist some evidence of his coin lists and the assortment of numismatic items he carried. Any information about his coin dealing business would be greatly appreciated.

Fig. 1. Advertisement for scroll saw agents published in The Hartford Daily Courant, Monday, October 9, 1876, page 1.

Fig. 2. Advertisement for scroll saw designs published in The Marion Star, Saturday, November 16, 1878, page 3. He originally offered these for free with S.A.S.E.

In the late 1870's he started A. H. Pomeroy & Company at Hartford Connecticut.

Fig. 3. Pomeroy's Catalogue circa 1885 which sold for 6 Cents.

Fig. 4. Advertisement in The National Tribune, Thursday, March 12, 1885, page 9.

He started the Pomeroy Scroll Saw Company at Hartford Connecticut.

In the 1890 Hartford, Connecticut, City Directory he is listed as a dealer in scroll saws.

In the 1892 Hartford, Connecticut, City Directory he is listed as a bicycle and sporting goods dealer in scroll saws. He sold the Robert M. Keating's "Keating Bicycle" of Middletown, Connecticut, and those by Black Manufacturing Company at 19th and Liberty Streets, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Fig. 5. Display ad in Greer's Hartford, Connecticut, City Directory of 1892, page 350.

From 1895 to 1901 he is listed as a bicycle dealer in the Hartford, Connecticut, City Directory .

Fig. 6. Pomeroy's display ad in Stamford Advocate, Thursday, January 16, 1896, page 5.

Fig. 7. Hartford Daily Courant, Thursday, June 27, 1901, page 16

Fig. 8. Pomeroy's business envelope with the corner card Pomeroy Scroll Saw Company, Dealers in Scroll Saw Material, Stamps and Coins, franked with Scott #300-A115, Franklin, 1 Cent, blue-green, double oval cancel at Hartford, Connecticut, postmarked July 1903. Photo courtesy of the Lupia Numismatic Library.

In the 1910 U.S. Census he is listed as living on Spring Street and worked as a manufacturer of machines.

Fig. 9. Pomeroy Catalogue circa 1895-1900.

Fig. 10. Advertisement selling real estate in New Outlook, Vol. 115 (1917) : 527.

In Geer's Hartford City Directory of 1918, he is listed as a real estate dealer.

In Geer's Hartford City Directory of 1925 he listed with his Real Estate office at 750 Main Street.

He died on July 8, 1926 in Orange, Florida, age 74. He is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.

Fig. 11. Obituary notice of Pomeroy's death in a car accident in Florida published in The Bridgeport Telegram, Saturday, July 10, 1926, page 10.

In Geer's Hartford City Directory of 1926 his wife is listed as a widow living at 66 Imlay, Hartford, Connecticut.