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Fig. 1. Courier-Journal, Saturday, January 5, 1935, page 4

Right Reverend Edmond Marie Obrecht (1852-1935), was born on November 13, 1852, Stotsheim, Bas Rhin, Department of France, (now Alsace), son of Nicholas Obrecht (1829-1842), and Auguste Dorothea Sophie Matthies (1826-).

From 1869-1870, he served in the French army during the Franco-Prussian War.

In 1871, he studied for the priesthood in the Seminary at Sees, France.

In 1873, he further studied under the Paris Foreign Missionary Society.

In 1874, he entered the Trappist Order in the Monastery of the Grande Trappe.

In 1876, he made his final vows at the Monastery of the Three Fountains, Rome.

In 1879, he was ordained a priest.

In 1880, he was named Vice-Procurator General in his first year.

In the 1890's he arrived at the Abbey in New York.

In 1898, he was abbot of Our Lady of Gethsemane Abbey, New Hope, Nelson, Kentucky, which had sixty-six monks under his care.

He directed all the improvements to the Abbey and created the library and museum.

He had amassed one of the most valuable stamp collections in the United States. According to Herman Herst, Jr., Nassau Street, page 148 "The albums were housed between massive hand-carved covers; the pages were hand drawn." Also, according to Herman Herst, Jr., the collection was purchased by the Pittsburgh stamp dealer, Dr. Pritchard Von David. Von David, a few years later became a member of the board of directors of New England Stamp Company, a subsidiary of Scott Stamp and Coin, Ltd., since 1901.

He was the personal friend of four Popes : Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV, and Pius XI.

He died on January 4, 1935, at Nelson, Kentucky, U. S. A.

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