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Ella Quinn (1832-1900), was born in Ireland and moved to America circa 1859. She married Dennis Quinn (1833-1889). Mr. Quinn was a saloon owner at Philadelphia. She died April 3, 1900, at her home 614 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Ella Quinn Hoard of Gold Coins.

Philadelphia Woman Worth $500,000 Secreted Her Money for Years.

Bridgeton, N.J. April 19, 1919 – For several years a barrel containing $40,000 nearly all in gold, was hidden in the cellar of the home of Mrs. Ella Quinn, of Philadelphia. After her death, two days ago, the fortune-laden barrel was discovered. Mrs. Quinn's estate, valued at $500,000 was divided between her heirs. Six-year-old John Quinn, of this city, inherited $60,000. For two years previous to her death Mrs. Quinn hinted at a fortune. "If all the rest is swept away, I'll still have enough to keep me." She said. This led to a thorough search of the house. In one corner of the cellar, amid old hoops and refuse, was found the barrel. It was broken open, and gold coins in denominations from $1 to $50 rolled in a heap on the cellar floor. Some paper money of large denomination was packed in the bottom. The gold was packed tightly between layers of cotton. The barrel was lined with asbestos. For how many years the barrel remained in the cellar is a mystery.

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