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Charles T. Gray (1807-1875), was born in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.

He is of some interest to scrip collectors since is a signor on Post Office Department Drafts, and Silver Mining Stock Certificates, and other local Newark scrip with his serving various capacities as City Treasurer, Secretary of the Road Board, Treasurer of the Newark Library Association. He was affiliated with the family of William Raymond Weeks of the ANS.

He married Hannah Ann (1810-). They had three children : Charles Gray, Jr. (1845-1849), Charlianna Fanny Gray (1848-), Jeremiah H. Gray (1851-).

IN 1847, he served on the School Board for the City of Newark, New Jersey.

He was appointed Postmaster, Newark, New Jersey, on April 6, 1853. He worked there at the Post Office, Custom House Building, Academy and Broad Streets, Newark, New Jersey.

Charles T. Gray, Postmaster, Newark, New Jersey. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

In 1859, he was the Treasurer of the Newark Library Association.

From 1862-1868, he was the City Treasurer of Newark, New Jersey.

Mettacom Silver Mining Company Reese River. Signatories : Charles T. Gray, Secretary, and H Mackin, President. Courtesy Holabird Western Americana

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In 1870, he was the Secretary of the Road Board, and lived with John R. Weeks a successful attorney, and Mary F. A. Weeks in their Newark mansion. They were

the parents of William Raymond Weeks of ANS fame.

He died on the March 2, 1875. He is buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, Essex County, New Jersey.

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