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Emmett T. Johnson (1836-1907), was born in Fort Edward, New York. He lived with his brother Frederick Avery Johnson (1833-1893), at Glens Fall, New York. They both graduated Glens Falls Academy. These brothers engaged in banking and the wool industry at Glens Falls, New York. Frederick went on to be elected to the U. S. Congress, 1885-1887.

Emmett served as the Cashier of the First National Bank, Glens Fall, New York for forty-two years.

Correspondence from the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, 261 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey with Emmett T. Johnson at Glens Falls, New York, postmarked May 19 [1868] franked with torn postage stamp and with fancy cancel killer. Ex-W. Goldpath. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

Emmett played a role in evaluating the circulation of the United States Trade Dollars in commerce and in banking. He considered them a burden and deficit and advocated getting them out of circulation rendering them defunct.

In 1887, James Collins Hallock published his study on the problems of trade dollars in commerce and banking in his book, Repudiation of the Trade Dollars: The Views of 300 Banks (1887) : 28, (not listed in Elvira E. Clain-Stefanelli)

He was a contemporary of numismatist Dr. A. H. Phelps of Glens Falls, New York, whose collection was sold by Lyman Low in 1913.

He died on February 3, 1907.

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