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Photograph of Norman Schultz seated, and Glenn Washburn standing, Kings City, Missouri, published in Philatelic West Vol. 69, No. 2, April (1916) photo section.

Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library

James "Norman" Shultz (1893-1988) 725 East Platte Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado; King City, Missouri; Salt Lake City, Utah. He was born on April 2, 1893, son of Henry Otis Shultz (1869-1920) and Lulu Alice Vaughn (1872-1896). In 1900 he lived with his parents in Jackson, Missouri. In 1910 he lived in DeKalb, Missouri. In 1915 he began coin dealing at age 22. In 1920 he returned to Jackson, Missouri. He married Mattie Cook (1899-) sometime before 1922 and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1930 he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. He married his second wife was Elsie Laura Sterzer (1913-2011) at Eddy, New Mexico in 1940. The couple returned to Salt Lake City, Utah, where they remained until his death. He died on June 18, 1988 at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coin and stamp dealer, published catalogs and advertised in Hobbies Magazine in 1918 and in 1936 in Numismatic Scrapbook. Due to the popular confusion of this surname with the German spelling oftentimes his name was spelled Schultz in advertisements and in his publications.

Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library

In January 1982 he was robbed of $650,000. The trial took place in federal court in July 1982 when it was discovered that Ronald R. Lehmer and his wife Rosemarie T. Lehmer and her brother Carmen J. Falzone and his girlfriend Kelly Morris conspired and stole coins and currency. Shultz kept a large chest 27" x 48" x 24" at Security Saving Bank, where he kept his coins and foreign currency and a box at Zion First National Bank, both of which were burglarized.

"Mr. Shultz was a member of the Utah Bowlers and Utah Golfers Hall of Fame. He continued to compete in golf tournaments and win trophies through his 80s.He loved the game for its etiquette and dignity.

A coin dealer, Mr. Shultz helped organize the Salt Lake Camera Club and the Coin Club of Utah. Owner of Norm Shultz Numismatics, he was in the coin business for 65 years and was one of the oldest coin collectors in the country.

Funeral will be June 20 at noon at 260 E. South Temple. Friends may call at that address June 19 between 6 and 8 p.m. and Monday one hour before services." Desert News, June 19, 1988

In 2001 Shultz was inducted into the ANA Hall of Fame.

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