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Theophilus Rogers Marvin (1796-1882), was born on February 23, 1796, at Norwich, New London, Connecticut, son of General Elihu Marvin (1752-1798), and Elizabeth Marvin (1755-1801). Descendants of early British Colonial North America : Reinold, and Matthew Marvin who are numbered among the very first settlers of Hartford, Connecticut, arriving there in 1638 and 1635 respectively, sons of Edward Marvin of Great Bentley, England. Reinold was Theophilus' great-great-grandfather. His father General Elihu Marvin served in the Revolutionary War as a lieutenant and major. He was made brigadier general in 1793. His father died helping victims of the yellow fever plague of 1798.

In 1822, he came to at Boston, Massachusetts where he established himself as a printer in his firm T. R. Marvin.

On April 3, 1832, he married Julia Ann Coleman Coggeshall (1811-1882). They had three children : William Theophilus Rogers Marvin (1832-1913), and Julia Elizabeth Marvin (1834-1884), and George Hayden Marvin, died as an infant.

He was a publisher and printer of Boston, Mass. He was on the committee to establish a public library in Boston.

His son William Theophilus Rogers Marvin was secretary of the Boston Numismatic Society and author of Medals of the Masonic Fraternity.

Fig. Theophilus Rogers Marvin correspondence with R. A. Brock in Richmond, Virginia. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

He died on May 9, 1882, at Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

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