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Adams, Edward Dean (1846-1931), Banker and Power Broker, 71 Broadway, New York, New York.

He was born at Boston, Massachusetts, on April 9, 1846, son of Adoniram Judson and Harriet Lincoln (Norton) Adams.

He was educated at the Chauncy Hall School, Boston, and Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont.

In 1872 he married Fannie Amelia Gutterson at Boston. They had a daughter Ruth.

After two years of foreign travel he began his career in banking and became a partner in the firm of Richardson, Hill & Co., Boston from 1870 to 1878; the Winslow, Lanier & Co., bankers in New York City from 1878 to 1893; then as the American representative for Deutsche Bank.

American banker in New York and industrialist. Council Member of the American Numismatic Society. Adams was a New York banker and associate of J.P. Morgan. He had wide cultural interests, which included numismatics. He was on the board of the Metropolitan Art Museum and was active in the American Numismatic Society where he was on many committees involved in publishing the Society's medals. He played an important role in the coining of the various medals struck in honor of the American sojourn of Henry, Prince of Prussia, in 1902. He was well acquainted with Marschall's work; the artist having executed the Sir Francis Drake medal in 1907 for the ANS. Adams was later to privately commission Marschall to do his 1925 Truth Seeker medallion as well as a pair of medals honoring the women presidents of The American Committee for the Ravaged Regions of France He was a Fellow of the ANS in 1901. He was a patron of the ANS in 1906.

He was an active life member of the ANS since January 21, 1901.

While member of Winslow, Lanier & Co., he was occupied with railroad construction and reorganization enterprises: he organized 1882-1883, the Northern Pacific Terminal Co., and became its president: organized the St. Paul & Northern Railway Co., he provided its capital, and became its vice-president: organized and constructed the N. J. Junction Railroad. 1883, and planned the organization of the N. Y. West Shore & Buffalo Railway. N. Y., Ontario & Western Railway, and West Shore & Ontario Terminal Co.; rescued the N. J. Central Railroad from a receivership in 1887, and the American Cotton Oil Trust from bankruptcy in 1890; became chairman of reorganization committee of the Northern Pacific Railroad, 1903: and has since been Identified with a large number of Constructive financial operations of national Importance. President Bullock Electric and Manufacturing Co., and East Jersey Water Co.; chairman of Board of Directors of Empire Engineering Corporation, and Lehigh Coke Co.; director AIlis-Chalmers Co., Allis-Chalmers- Bullock, Ltd., of Montreal, New Jersey General Security Co.. American Cotton Oil Co., Guatemala Railway Co., Cataract Power & Conduit Co. of Buffalo. Niagara Falls Power Co., Niagara Junction Railway Co., Central & South American Telegraph Co., and Union Petroleum Co., Philadelphia. He was a Republican; and an Episcopalian. He received decoration of second class of Royal Order of the Crown of Prussia 1909. Member Chamber of Commerce of New York; fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers: president Germanlstic Society of N. Y.: a governor and chairman of Medal Committee, American Numismatic Society. Trustee of Norwich University, American Scenic and Historical Preservation Society. Institute of Musical Art of City of N. Y. (vice-president), Metropolitan Museum of Art (chairman of Finance Committee). President Rumsen (N. J.) Improvement Society: vice-president Monmouth County (N. J.) Historical Association: treasurer Mosquito Extermination Fund of Monmouth County: life fellow of American Ethnological Society. National Academy of Design, American Geographical Society; patron in perpetuity of the American Museum of Natural History: member of corporation N. Y. Botanical Garden. Member American Anthropological Association. American Association for Advancement of Science, American Fine Arts Society. American Forestry Association, National Geographic Society, National Housing Association, National Sculpture Society, National Society of Mural Painters, New York Academy of Science. New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, N. Y. Historical Society. New York Society of Archaeology, N. Y. Zoological Society. Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fur Medalllenkunst; Societe del Amis de la Medaille Francaise, Society of Iconophiles, New England Society of N. Y., Sons of Revolution, Adirondacks League. Clubs : Automobile Metropolitan; Groller; Tuxedo; Players; Church; City (life member City Midday; Lawyers; Engineers; Railroad; Riding; Union League; Technology (N. Y. City), Rumson Country (president). Sea- bright Lawn Tennis and Cricket. Seabrlgnt Beach (trustee), all of N. J.

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