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Fig. 1. Photograph of Everett Grant Emerson in the early 1940's.

Everett Grant Emerson (1885-1944), was born in Bloomdale, Ohio on May 10, 1885, son of William W. Emerson of Virginia and Hester A. Wenick Emerson of Ohio.

Emerson was a compositor/printer by trade and like Edgar Holmes Adams worked as a stamp, coin and curio dealer on the side. However, Emerson did not rise to the heights of E.H. Adams but was more in line with Arthur Henry Kraus. He is numbered among the dozens, and perhaps, hundreds of small time dealers that sprang up throughout the country and still do.

His final decades of living and dealing were in Elkhart, Indiana, home of Dr. A. L. Fisher, M.D., A.N.A. Member No. 130, who also served as A.N. A. Treasurer; and James Kavanaugh, A.N.A. Member No. 132; William Brimelow with his radio talk show with the moniker "Bill the Coin Man" during the golden days of radio in 1935. Since he was a printer by trade he also published a series of Fixed Price Lists from about 1917 until 1944. All of them are excessively scarce and that fact alone is responsible for leaving him in obscurity.

On November 16, 1909, he married Edith Pearl Barker Emerson (1890-), and they had eight children : Earl B. Emerson (1913-), E. Manilva Emerson (1914-), Elnore E. Emerson (), Estella A. Emerson (1916-), Eldean M. Emerson (1919-), Evan Wayne Emerson (1919-2007), Elnora Emerson (1922-), and Elmer Emerson (1925-).

In 1910, he lived in Livingston, Odell County, Illinois he worked as a printer of a newspaper.

In 1918, he moved to 413 North Street, and worked for National Carbon Coates Paper Company, Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

In April 1919, he ran a large advertisement selling foreign postage stamps in The Boderland Collector.

In 1922, he moved to 635 Bower Street, Elkhart, Indiana, and using his own home opened a stamp and coin shop.

Fig. 2. Everett G. Emerson's business envelope for The Emerson Sop, Stamps, Coins, Curios, Books, Novelties, 635 Bower, Elkhart, Indiana, postmarked September 27, 1923, Elkhart, Indiana. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

He died of cerebral hemorrhage from hypertensive cardio-vascular disease on April 11, 1944. He is buried in Burr-Oak Cemetery, Burr-Oak, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

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