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Charles Leopold Podhaiski (1854-1913), was born in Austria and was naturalized in 1878.

From June 17-18, 1892, the Podhaiski Collection of 700 lots of antiquities, ethnology, curios and coins were sold by James P. Silo, New York. Some highlights of that auction reveal him to be a collector of numismatic materials of odd and curios money apparently from an anthropological perspective, and other foreign and American coins. Several numismatic items are of carved gems, and the like.

Lot 5. Greeley Brown Medal, busts jugate.

Lot 47. Gold coin scale and weights

Lots 68-72. Limoges medals.

Lot 114. Bust of Carolus Carraffa, Cardinal, plated in frame, Rome.

Lot 118. Bust of Ferdinand II, plated in frame, Spain.

Lot 137. Carnelian ring stones.

Lot 138. Cut Topaz Pendants.

Lot 146. Copper Money Bracelet, Mandingo, Africa.

Lot 152 & 153. Iron Fan Money.

Lot 163. Shell Money Bracelet, Nassau.

Lot 164. Wampum, Solomon Islands.

Lot 169. Shell Money, Samoan Islands.

Lot 207. 18th century Palestinian Carved onyx Head of Christ

Lot 216. Cut Amethyst ring stones, 50 pcs.

Lot 218. Engraved Copper Plate.

Lot 225. Engravings of Indian coins, &c.

Lot 233. Shell cameos.

Lot 241. Mother-of=pearl carving "Dying Lion of Lucerne".

Lot 242. Same but in ivory.

Lot 255. Collection of cameos, 125 pcs.

Lot 270. 16th century Round Delft Plaque of Woman Holding an Instrument.

Lot 288. Wax carving of the Holy Family on Flight into Egypt.

Lot 293. Glass intaglio bust of Frederick Francis I, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Lot 321. Engraved Portraits, 3 pcs.

Lot 323. Engravings of Fruit Pickers in gilt frame.

Lot 328. Steel Engravings "Image Breaker of Leutze," et alia, 3 pcs.

Lot 436. Silver Medal, with cross, gilt mostly worn.

Lot 437. Another.

Lot 439. Another, but with Christ holding Gospel Book.

Lot 443. Double medal of Virgin and Child, and scenes from the life of Christ.

Lot 481. Pair of Silver Maximilian Half Dollar Sleeve Buttons

Lot 482. Pair of Wood's Ministrel Token Sleeve Buttons,

Lot 502. Carved Seal of Cupid.

Lot 512. Bust of Flora in red, pin.

Lot 513. Limoges Lady Portrait.

Lot 514. Repousse Madonna Medal, gilt.

Lot 515. Gilt Venetian Silver Temple.

Lot 520. Coin jewelry.

521. Gypsy coin chain 75 coins.

Lot 522. Same 107 coins.

Lot 531. Carved gems.

Lot 535. Coin jewelry.

Lot 571 Carved Gem ring.

Charles Leopold Podhaiski correspondence with the Chapman Brothers, postmarked New York, New York, November 5, 1897. Back flap return address : C. L. Podhaiski, 517 E. 14 St., N. Y. annotation : No answer/Coin O.K. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library, Special Collection, The Chapman Family Correspondence Archive.

Thomas Elder tells us in one of his series of reminiscences published in Hobbies of the May 22, 1902, Lyman Low coin auction: "the old bewhiskered Charles Podhiski, of gruff-voice, who bought coins for Charles Gregory, then a member of the Stock Exchange."

In 1909, he was a member of the New York Numismatic Club.

Podhaiski Tomb, Woodland Cemetery, Sunnyside, New York.

Work :

Alte Steinwerkzeuge aus den Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-Amerika. (1885)

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