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Numismatist Herbert Von Seggern lived to be 101!

Herbert von Seggern (1856-1957), was born on February 3, 1856 in Germany.

In 1911, he began trading as Keystone Coin and Stamp Company, 708 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Seggern printed FPL's which today are very scarce in the literature dealer market for current collectors. He is so scarce that he is not even listed in Remy Bourne's Fixed Price Lists, Vol. II.

Seggern's advertisement looking for salesmen for his coin and stamp business in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, May 5, 1912, page 38

Seggern's advertisement in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, September 22, 1912, page 42

Seggern's advertisement in The Numismatist, January (1913) : 50

Seggern's recycled postal card dated May 19, 1915 covered with three paste overs on this side and one on the other was a common way coin and stamp dealers saved money mailing to clients buying old cards in large batches that were no longer any use to those who had originally printed and issued them. This card replies to an inquiry about a stamp price list, which Seggern tells is not ready at present. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library. For sale.

In 1916 he became a regular advertiser in MeKeels Weekly Stamp News.

In 1932 he served as the administrator for the estate of Martha Seggern.

He died on July 14, 1957. He was buried on July 16th at the Mount Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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