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Lewis Grauer photograph circa 1878.

Samuel Grauer (1814-1892), was born on May 23, 1814 at Roudnice, Czech Republic, son of Jewish parents Abraham Grauer, and Ludmilla Grauer.

In 1845, he moved to Baltimore when he was 31 years old working as a tobacconist and cigar manufacturer.

He lived at 646 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

He married Hannah "Anna" Grauer. They had a son Lewis (1854-1918). His name is variably spelled either Lewis or Louis. He was born on December 28, 1854 at Baltimore, Maryland.

Fig. Lewis Grauer correspondence with the Chapman Brothers postmarked Baltimore, Maryland, May 21, 1878. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library, Special Collection, The Chapman Family Correspondence Archive.

In 1878, at 24 years of age Lewis married 13 year old Florence May (1865-1933). They had two daughters : Clara May Grauer (1887-1892), and Dorothea Dray Louise Grauer (1896-1967). Dorothea married John Jacobs.

The tobacconist firm of S. Grauer & Son, 170 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland was dissolved on December 10, 1881. Lewis Grauer became the sole proprietor continuing under the name of the firm S. Grauer & Son. Two days following the dissolution Captain John White Haseltine sold Lewis' coin and stamp collection in his 36th coin auction sale, which he had previously acquired, selling the whole of it at Bangs & Company, New York.

Fig. Haseltine, 36th Coin Auction sale catalogue.

"December 12 and 13 Mr. Haseltine sold at the same place the collection of Mr. Louis Grauer of Baltimore, consisting of many " varieties" of United States Coinage, a line of Gallerie Metallique Medals, together with proof sets, paper money, stamps, and some rare Massachusetts Pine-tree Notes. The Catalogue 40 pages, had 1352 lots. A Dollar of 1801 sold for $6.75; do. 1836, flying eagle, v. g. 7.20; Dime of 1802. v. f. 22; Cent 1799 over '98, 13.25; Tin Medal of 1787, v. f. and r. size 27, obv. two ships, Columbia and Washington, etc.. rev. "fitted at Boston N. America for the Pacific Ocean, etc.," 6.13; six Pine-tree notes, 1766 to 1799, sold from 3.80 to 6.00 each." American Journal of Numismatics, January (1882) : 69

The 1799/8, S.188, was in fine condition. See Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Large Cents : 540-542 (Grauer/Haseltine specimen not cited). David Lawrence, September 2017, Sale #978, lot 2009, NGC/CAC F-12 BN sold for $23,000.

In 1888, Samuel Grauer moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On May 15, 1892, Lewis' daughter Clara May died at Philadelphia. Seven months later Lewis' father Samuel died on December 21, 1892 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is buried at Baltimore, Maryland. Lewis lived at 1003 South 49th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, working as a merchant and importer of novelty goods.

Lewis died at Merion, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, on March 22, 1918. He is buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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