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Jacob Postley (1861-post 1937), he was born in New York in June 1861. He graduated High School in 1878. After high school he worked as a jeweler in New York. On January 15, 1893 he married Elizabeth Byatt (1871-post 1940) in New York City. They had a son Jack Sherman Postley (1895-1951). His career was largely that of a Jeweler, Pawnbroker, and Coin Dealer. This biographical sketch will be useful to those numismatic bibliophiles that come across Postley's Coin Book.

In the New York City Directory for 1899 he is listed as a Jeweler operating at 613 8th Avenue, New York City, with a residence at 326 West 36th Street.

In 1900, he moved to Toledo, Ohio and operated Pawn Shops there that frequently carried coins which he advertised to buy at a premium publishing his Coin Book. He hired a clerk, Robert F. Colwell to assist him and William T. Talburt as a watchmaker.

He is listed in the U. S. Census of 1900 as a Pawnbroker living at 215 Indiana Road, Toledo, Ohio.

He applied for membership to the ANA in October 1902 and was given ANA Member No. 448 in November. His address in 1902 was 113 Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio.

He published a 20-page fixed price list with an address at 107 Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio.

Fig. 1. Front & Back covers of Jacob Postley's Coin Book, above edition published post 1906 since it cites the Denver Mint having been organized in 1906. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

He is not listed in Remy Bourne, Premium Paid For Lists. On the back cover he cites many non numismatic items he also buys which clearly shows he operated a curiosity/ pawnbroker shop which also carried numismatic items allowing him opportunity to act as a coin dealer. In 1917, he was elected a member of the Jeweler's Security Alliance. In 1918, he was involved to some extent in dog breeding.

Fig. 2. Postley comments on the economic climate of the 1920's and the value of Diamonds. The story ran in nationally in dozens of newspapers including : Salisbury Evening News, Friday, August 20, 1920, page 1; Kalamazoo Gazette, August 21, 1920, page 2; New Orleans States, Sunday, August 29, 1920, page 16; Ogden Standard Examiner, Tuesday, September 7, page 8; Grand Rapids Press, Friday, September 24, 1920, page 23;

He, his wife retired are listed in the Florida State Census and also in the Daytona Beach City Directory of 1935 - 1937 living at 511 Ora Street. He is listed in the Florida State Census as retired and his son Jack S. Postley working as a jeweler. His son Jack returned to Toledo in 1940 with his wife Ruth operating their business Postley's Jewelry Store, 107 Summit Street. Jack S. Postley died in 1951 and is buried in Toledo Memorial Park.

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