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Charles Benjamin Norton (1825-1891)

Charles Benjamin Norton is famous to American numismatists since he published Norton's Literary Letter beginning in October 1857. The publication included numismatic information and whetted the appetite of New York and New England numismatists for a numismatic publication of their own resulting in the American Journal of Numismatics.

In April 1855 he sold his stock of books at John Keese Auction House, New York

Fig. Charles B. Norton correspondence with bookseller W. F. Goodwin, Concord, New Hampshire, postmarked New York, November 29 [1857], franked with Scott #26. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

On October 15, 1857, a George A. Leavitt & Company auction of a Library is attributed to Charles Benjamin Norton

On May 13, 1858, he sold a collection of autographs, scrapbooks, coins and medals through H. H. Leeds & Company, New York.

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