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S. Archie Hamilton (1890-1920), was born January 15, 1890, at Cresco, Iowa, son of S. Archie Hamilton, a railroad brakeman, and later on a farmer. He attended Cresco Public School, and graduated Page Davis Advertising School.

Hamilton was a paper money dealer from 1915 - 1920 operating his company S. Archie Hamilton Co.

From 1908-1909, he worked for one year in Minneapolis as a printer and returned to Cresco with his own printers shop.

Archie Hamilton advertisement as a printing company in Philatelic West February Volume 47, No. 1 (1910)

He was a member of the ANA, Chicago Coin Club, Modern Woodman of America, Maple Camp No. 1344.

Archie Hamilton advertisement in Philatelic West Volume 70, No. 3 (1916) inside back cover. This advertisement shows his old address 234 Second Avenue, Cresco, Iowa.

He moved in the fall of 1916 to 2 Pine Place, Cresco, Iowa.

Archie Hamilton advertisement in The Numismatist, October 1916, page 478.

Archie Hamilton advertisement in Philatelic Gossip, Volume 3, No. 7, March (1917) : 270

In April 1918 he was sent to a Modern Woodman Sanitarium, Woodman, Colorado.

He died of tuberculosis on June 11, 1920 at a sanitarium in Davenport, Iowa. He was survived by his parents and siblings Mabel, Fred, Harry, and George. He is buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery, Cresco, Iowa.

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