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He was born on March 15, 1826 in Schleiz, Thuringia, the son of a prominent Lutheran minister. After graduation he moved to Leipzig and worked for a leading publishing house. In 1852 he moved to America and settled in Philadelphia working for Lewis Bros. & Co., a dry goods firm located above Second Street. In 1856 he married Caroline Brossmann. In 1866 he formed a partnership with Joseph R. Dickinson creating the dry goods firm of Meyer & Dickinson at 619 Chestnut Street. Later the firm moved to 223-227 Chestnut Street. In the late 1890's the corporate headquarters moved to New York City. He was appointed the Consul of the German Empire at Philadelphia in 1872. In 1873 he established the banking firm of Charles H. Meyer with Frederick Devigne. In 1876, he served as one of the Centennial Commissioners. In 1881 he travelled with his wife Caroline to Germany where she died unexpectedly. In 1885 the Chapman Brothers engaged him as a negotiator with Adolphe Weyl of Berlin to ship them the 1804 silver dollar, now known as the Dexter 1804 Silver Dollar. However, some consider this account to be apocryphal. In 1889, he and his son together with a Mr. Miesch established a silk ribbon manufactory titled Miesch Manufacturing Co, Paterson, New Jersey. He died on Sunday, August 14, 1898, at his home, southwest corner of thirty-second and Hamilton, Philadelphia.


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