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Francis Richard Kimball (1859-1922), was born on March 11, 1859, at Hopkinton, New Hampshire, son of Harvey Kimball (1822-1878), and Grace Judith Kimball.

He married Maria Putney Connor (1862-1910) and they had a daughter Grace Judith Kimball.

He was a member of the ANA and BNS.

He was a dealer in stamps and coins. He published Kimball's Illustrated Coin Guide.

Fig. Kimball's correspondence with J. E. Morse, Hadley, Massachusetts, postmarked Boston, January 7, 1916, franked with Scott #405, and #406. Courtesy Lupia Numismatic Library.

About 1919 he had an automobile accident and broke one of his legs.

Later in 1919 he fell and broke the other leg. Soon afterwards he suffered three strokes.

In 1920, he was selling the 1869 reissue stamps advertising in MeKeel's Weekly Stamp News.

In 1921, he developed cancer.

About October 1921 he closed his office due to illness from cancer.

He died of arteriosclerosis on January 5, 1922, at Waltham, Massachusetts.

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