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U. S. 1847

Scarce, Scott #1a Dark Brown, fine, small nick top center, good margins, Issued July1, 1847--Red Grid Cancel CDS -Postmarked - Boston, Massachusetts, September 2, 1847
Letter dated September 1, 1847--first 60 days of the first U.S. Postage Stamp, engraved and printed by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch, and Edson. However, the earliest known postmark on an 1847 postage stamp is July 7, 1847, making this one of the first 57 days of use. An imperforate printed on thin bluish wove paper. This is a very early use. Letter address ed to Albert Ruyter Hatch, Esq. (1818-1882), Attorney-at-Law, seeking information about a Mr. Heagner. The letter was sent by Mr. Keatch, the attorney of Waterston, Pray & Company, Commission Merchants, Boston, Massachusetts. The principals of the firm were Richard Waterston, J. W. Hall, and C. Deane. The firm was located at 71 Kilby, Boston, Massachusetts. Estimate $900-$1,000. Write john@numismaticmall.com


Emsworth/F/ PAID/ MR 11/ 1830 in Red/Straight-line on back in black/monogramed wax seal

Addressed to Bartlett & Beddome, attorneys, 27 Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street, London. The firm was formed by William Plater Bartlett (1785-1857) & Richard Boswell Beddome (1797-1881). The obituary of Bartlett appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine, February (1857) : 254



HARTFORD CT 3 PAID -(1852-1854) Red.
Captain John Stanton Baldwin (1834-1909), editor and publisher of the Spy. Letter sent while he was a teenager studying at the State Normal School, New Britain, Connecticut.
Lady's Note envelope measuring 2"-1/5" x 4"-1/4", narrow embossed lace motif border. Back flap missing. No contents. For Sale $55

* * * * 


FISHERVILLE CON, (1854) Variant unlisted in David G. Phillips, Amer. Stampless Cover Catalog (1997),  5 in Circle, Blue

Miss Sarah J[ane] Luke (1839-1913), West Brookfield Massachusetts
Lady Note envelope measuring 2"-3/4" x 4"-1/2", Very wide embossed lace motif border. Back flap embossed with small red wafer seal. No contents. Slight soiling about. For Sale $55

* * * * 



Miss Sarah Jane Luke (1839-1913), West Brookfield Massachusetts
Brown emporium paper envelope measuring 5"-1/4" x 3"-1/4", Back flap embossed with small red wafer seal. No contents. For Sale $50


New Orleans/ "Boston Steamer" to London, England/ Manuscript 20 cts rate/ dated June 20, 1846
LONDON ENGLAND/ JUN 20/ PAID in Blue/ Bishop's Mark on back
Folded Letter
Frederick Huth & Co. from Clason & Vles, commercial brokerage of cotton, rates, and exportation to Europe. Spink Stamp Auctions, Civil War Sesquicentennial Sale sold a Clason & Vles blockade runners cotton report July-December 1854, Estimate $300-$400, SOLD for $700.

Frederick Huth & Co., established 1809, was a London Bank founded by German born Frederick Huth (1774-1864). The bank was forced into amalgamation in 1923 with Konig Brothers by order of the Governor of the Bank of England.
This folded business letter pictured above regarding drafts $2,000 and $3,000. Embossed C&V stamp on back. For Sale $125

* * * * 

New Orleans/Manuscript 20 cts rate/dated March 17, 1843

Folded Banking Form Letter
General J. Wayles Baker (1804-1867), Leighton, Colbert County, Alabama, in 1843 he was on the Board of Trustees of La Grange College. The letter refers to a draft made on September 22, 1842 in the amount of $2,100. A noted Confederate. Some staining. Some separation along the folds but intact. For Sale $75


Bath/Manuscript 10 cts rate/ dated June 17, 1870

Folded Wrapper. No Content.
George Crosby, Cashier, Augusta Bank, Augusta, Maine. From Samuel Davis, Cashier, Lincoln Bank, Bath, Maine. Wafer sealed. For Sale $25

* * * * 
Portland/Red Octagon/Manuscript 6 cts rate/ dated June 22, 1833

Folded Letter
Ebenezer Ham, a tavern owner at Lisbon. The letter requests payment in whole or in part on a note originating in 1831 from Rogers & Cutler, a dry goods firm of Charles Rodgers, Jr., and Samuel Cutler. Some staining along the left edge.  For Sale $50


Newburyport/dated July 6, 1812/ NEWBT. MS. in red cds /Manuscript "10" rate

Folded Letter

The letter is from 
Daniel Appleton White signed "D.A. White" to Jeremiah Haskell (1767-1844) regarding his lawsuit filed against Ebenezer Virgin (1767-1845). Mr. Virgin sold Haskell a house, farm and tract of land which was not in accordance to his description and filed suit. White is writing to Haskell requesting he provide some evidence to support his claim in court.

The writer of this letter, DANIEL APPLETON WHITE, (1776-1861), graduated from Harvard in 1797; Latin Tutor at Harvard, 1799-1803; Began the study of law at Cambridge, and was admitted to the bar in 1804, and engaged in practice in Newburyport, where he resided until 1817, when he moved to Salem, Mass.; Member of the Massachusetts legislature, 1810-1815; Elected Judge of Probate of Essex County, Mass., which office he held for 38 years; An active member of the Essex Institute for many years, to which he gave 8,000 volumes; Author of a "Eulogy on George Washington" (Haverhill, 1800); "View of the Jurisdiction of the Court of Probate in Massachusetts" (Salem, 1822); "Eulogy on Nathaniel Bowditch" (1822), and "New England Congregationalism, in its Origin and Purity" (1861), and aided John Pickering in preparing his edition of "Sallust" (1805). 

The letter is to Jeremiah Haskell, (1767-1844), married Mary Moulton, (1774-1855), in Newburyport in 1794; Moved to Concord, NH earlier in 1812, and left there in 1818. Died in Augusta, Maine. Haskell and Virgin are subjects of Nathaniel Bouton, The History of Concord, from Its First Grant in 1725, to the Organization of the City Government in 1853 (1856) : 520

Fine-Very Fine. For Sale $75.


Philadelphia/Manuscript 20cts/April 30, 1811/ Early Franklin Cancel Mark

Folded Letter

The letter is between two of the sons, the youngest writing to the eldest son of James Carr Minor (1745-1790) and Mary Carr Minor (1756-1797). This is an illustrious American colonial family especially noted in Virginia history. The letter is written by  John Minor (1791-1849), who is living at Philadelphia, and apparently attending the University there, writing to his brother Dabney Minor (1774-1824), at Charlottesville, Virginia. John Minor, the youngest brother of Dabney, later on became a physician. In the letter he is asking to borrow money. He also mentions several times the great botanist and naturalist, Dr. Benjamin Smith Barton (1766-1815), and his lecture series on botany at Philadelphia. A letter of some historical significance especially regarding the provenance of the Minor sons, and, of course, the descriptions and references to America's most noted 18th century botanist, Dr. Benjamin Smith Barton. In postal history it is significant for the Franklin Mark, which is based on the circular date stamp invented by Henry Bishop (1611-1691) at London in 1661 a century and a half earlier. Franklin began issuing his version in July 1765, the date now based on the discovery piece found in the Lupia Numismatic Library and is offered for sale in The Museum Store. The Minor letter of 1811 is For Sale $200

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